Monday, November 30, 2009

Adding A Little Black to the Wardrobe - M5530-A

Purple is the new neutral, and red is the new black. In my mind, there is always a need for several black garments in a lady's wardrobe. Black comes with many attractions: it's slimming, classic, elegant, and very versatile. This fall I'm incorporating several "black" garments into the wardrobe along with a few of those noted trends. Over the Thanksgiving weekend (I hope everyone had a grand Thanksgiving holiday.), I sewed this matching jacket for my dress (M5818).

This is the second time around for M5530. I made View C about two years ago.

This view is actually my favorite of the three jackets included in the pattern. It has a vintage look about it and the unique little bow at the necklace is super cute (to me of course).

The fabric: polyester from Hancock's.

The finished jacket looked similar to the jacket worn by the model. But at first glance, the sleeves looked dolman instead of in-set. The drawing, however, clearly shows them as in-set.

Nothing difficult about the instructions. I followed most of them as they were standard instructions for putting together a lined jacket.

I used a size 14, View A, with a few modifications/changes.
- Instead of top stitching along the front opening, I under stitched.
- Under stitched along the neckline as well.
- Used a contrasting fabric for collar -- slightly lighter in weight and has glossy finish.
- Made loop 1" smaller -- it looked better and helped form a better bow.
- FBA - No Sway back adjustment needed.
- Hem and lining -- followed my own method leaving a six inch opening in one of the sleeves (lining) so I could easily turn the jacket right side out after attaching the lining almost completely by machine, expect the lower front corners. I only hemmed where the seams joined to eliminate the appearance of hemming at the base of the jacket and sleeves. I copied this method from RTW.

My Flickr photo set is here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do You Shift or Sheath? - Part II V8555 and M5818

Several months ago I blogged several months ago the question: Do you shift or sheath? I received some really great comments from my fellow fashionistas. Personally I like both styles. As I reviewed the garments that I've made over the past three years, the majority of them have been dresses. My goal is to find best fit as I'm two different sizes on top.

Each of us have an unique body shape, but in general we can see how our unique body shape fits into one of the standardized silhouettes. Today while research all things dresses, I stumbled upon Nordstrom's Fit Fundamental videos. Four neat little videos about fit and style.

The Vogue sheath is one of my favorite silhouettes. The black shift is my second dress made from M5818 Palmer Pletsch pattern. This is a great simple classic dress that is versatile and easy to wear. For the fall version I wanted a simple black dress that I could dress up or down. It's made from a nice poly from Hancock's (formal wear section). No additional changes wear made.

Last summer I had planned to plan the jacket as well but didn't get around to it yet. (Still on the "To Sew List".) I'm matching this version up with M5530-View A.

My DD made the perfect necklace to wear with this version.

My reviews are on PR. More pictures are on Flickr.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vacation and Sewing

It feels like it's been ages since I last blogged. Just before vacation time I couldn't seem to find time to blog post or read. Well I must say after being away, it's even harder getting back into it.

Last month's I vacationed (cruised) to the Bahamas. It was excellent! Four days and four nights is a good first cruise. This time in the Bahamas not much time on the beach, but plenty of time about Freeport and Nassau. Katrina (cousin) and I did a few tours during the days at port, and spent the evenings with the rest of the group. Loads of fun. Here are a some of the photos:

Me on the Queen's Stairs - Nassau

Tree Growing out of rock - Nassau

Tricey - Cruise Planner

The Ladies at airport in Florida

Marilyn - Tour Guide at the Groves - Freeport

Me at the Tree of Life - Freeport

Spider Plant in Gloom at the Groves - Freeport

Tilapia - Freeport

Katrina - Captain's Ball

Me and a few of the ladies - Captain's Ball

Trina - Miniature Golf - Hole in one

Me and Trina - Bottom of the Queen's Stairs - Nassau

Friends we meet on the tour - Nassau -Oops don't remember their names

Waterfall - Freeport
Beautiful sunset - Leaving Nassau

Resident - at the Grove Garden - Freeport

More picture on Flickr.

Sewing.., Of course..., It's mostly about the sewing. I've made two dresses, two pairs of pants and two skirts. Currently working on jackets for DD and coat for me. Will post my reviews and pictures soon. Finally, Minister Ross's husband sent me pictures of all of the robes that I've made for her. The first one (white and gold) made..., I'm thinking about twelve years ago. Not sure. Then I wasn't to keen on taking photos of completed projects.

This week off to the Abbey for some relaxing spa treatments. That's all for now.


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