Saturday, March 26, 2011

After the Fashion Show - A Few Things For Me

I'm get ready to make some for me. Fabric and patterns are selected and organized. I really like the color trend for this spring. My new wardrobe will include blue, fuscia, putty, charcoal, lime green, and red for starters. Here are a few things I plan to sew:

This beautiful marine blue silk (New Rainbow Fabrics) was selected for view B of Simplicity 2338.

Fuscia is very popular this year and one of my favorite colors. So I making Simplicity 2337 out of this nice lightweight wool (New Rainbow Fabrics).

I wanted something mint green, but only found some lime green fabric that I liked. Both fabrics are cotton/linen blends from JoAnn's Home Dec department. I've already preshrunk them. They have a soft hand, really nice fabric. I'm making the dress and jacket of Butterick 5471.

Using the same Butterick pattern, I plan to make three pairs of slacks and one jacket from the fabric below (Vogue Fabrics, poly/wool blend). The color may not display well. All are pinstriped: putty and cream, heather grey and grey, and charcoal and tan.

This bright red wool comes from New Rainbow Fabrics on Roosevelt. I'm making the dress from Vogue 1100.

I have several more things on the list for spring and summer. I don't know how much I will finish, but this is the start of my spring/summer wardrobe.

Happy Sewing!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Two fabulous ladies gave me an award. Thank you Faye and Myra. Both ladies make awesome, inspiring garments. In the tradition of accepting an award, I'm supposed to tell something about myself (7 things) and share the award with other "Stylish" bloggers (15).

About me:

I think my blog says a lot about me, especially the things I love to do and make.

1. I'm a follower of Christ. My faith is very important to me. God is...

2. Family and friends... What can I say? I love my people and respect our differences. That's what makes us interesting.

3. Sewing is my number one hobby. I love it. Sewing is in my roots. I started sewing at 10. During the past years, I've seen a tremendous improvement in my skill and technique.

4. Travelling is fun. I like visiting different lands and experiencing their cultures.

5. I live a full life. I stay busy, sometimes too busy. I'm a hard worker and passionate about the things that I do. In the words of my dad, "I'd rather wear out than rust out."

6. I love science. The earth, the land, the trees, the people and the animals are interesting. I love learning about the composition of things, how they work, etc. Yep, I'm a little nerdy.


7. Cooking... I love preparing and sharing food. It is the catalyst for so many of our social events. It's so fun to share good food with friends and family.

Those are my seven things. Now to share this award with the beautiful ones. Not sure if the award has been shared with all my favorite bloggers. It's okay to give it to people who have already received it. So here goes:

Ms. Rhonda Buss, Rhonda's Creative Life
A Sewn Wardrobe
Ms. Gwen, All My Seams
Ms. Allison, Allison.C Sewing Gallery
Ms. Kimberlee Brown, Kopy Kat-Kim
Ms. Linda, Danville Girl
Ms. Amanda S., Amanda's Adventures In Sewing
Ms. Carolyn Norman, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
Ms. Diana, Diana Sew Passionista by Diana
Ms. Erica B., Erica B.'s - DIY Style!
Ms. Ann Steeves, Gorgeous Things Blog
Ms. Nancy K., Nancy K. Sews
Ms Summerset, Pins and Needles
Ms. Audrey, Sew Tawdry
Ms. Sheila Powell, Sheilaz-CTK

and of course, my DD:

Ms. Lauren, Mahogany Blossoms

That's was so hard. Because there are many, many more "Stylish Bloggers" that I love to read and provide a great source of inspiration for me.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Haute Couture Club - Fashion Show Garment Review

On Saturday, my sister, daughter and I met with the garment review committee for the Haute Couture Club Fashion show. The review consisted of photos (front, back and side), completion of a form, and a critique of the garment. The judges were very thorough paying close attention to the seams, hem and alignment of focus points in the garment. It was great having someone else take a close look at the clothes I made. Photographed is my sister wearing a dress made using B5277. The fabric is silk dupioni. The dress was simple so I wanted to add some special detail to it. I hand picked to zipper and added seed beads. Also, DD made the broach (not shown)for a touch of jewelry.

Now I have a few minor changes on some of the garments. And I need to sew garment #7; then bring it to the final review later this month.

That's all for now.

Happy Sewing!

PS - Rhonda Buss was having her garments reviewed as well. Man-o-man! She has some FABULOUS outfits.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spreading It Thin - Update on Fashion Show Activities

My, my, my!! Spreading it thin is how I have been living lately.

I'm almost finished with the five "new" dresses for the fashion show. Tomorrow is the garment review. We have to bring in the garments, shoes, and other accessories. If someone is modeling the garment other than the sewist, they must come too. The session includes putting on the outfit and taking a picture. So that means my sister and daughter will also come.

I had planned to make a jacket as well, but I ordered the fabric too late. I'm still waiting for it. I hope it comes today.

My sister said, "You should stop posting about the progress of the fashion show garments. Everyone will see your entries." So I haven't posted any updates. I have finished the Burda dress and two LBD's. The red and black dress for DD is almost done. The black and purple mylar dot dress is nearly done as well.

In the midst of the fashion show garments, I have managed to get three client projects. The first is a dress for Ms. Paulette Bell; the muslin is done and fitted, but I can't think about it until I get the show clothes done. Also I have two vests for another client. On top of that, I need to call a few people who want clergy robes. ..., Oh yeah, my cousin asked me to make her a coat, like the black simplicity coat I made winter 2009.

Last week I started feeling a little selfish because I haven't sewn anything for myself. Spring is coming and I still have several things cut for winter that I don't want to leave undone. But spring is coming! I picked up my Cadena magazine last week. It's loaded with inspiration. I already know that I will make something coral, mint green, and yellow.

So this post only has one photo. The back of the Burda dress.

Happy Sewing!


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