Thursday, December 31, 2015

Haute Couture Club Holiday Luncheon

I can't believe I forget to share photos for the Haute Couture Club Annual Holiday luncheon. It is almost a treat to spend time with these fabulous sewing ladies. This year are luncheon was at the Harry Caray's Restaurant in Chicago.

This is a photo post. So enjoy!

Maria (President), Brenda, Rhonda, and Lauren (my DD)

Brenda and Rhonda

Susan and Wendy (Fashion Show Chairs 2015-16)

More pictures

Ms. Arnita and friend

Mary Kay and Sandra

Ms. Gerri

 Show and share


Alabama Chaining Skirt

Purses and bags

Top, skirt and bag (gift idea)

Dr. Nikki at show and share

 I simply love the company of these women.  It's always a grand time.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mood's Neoprene is Still Supreme - Vogue 1429 Sandra Betzina

I simply love Mood's neoprene fabrics.  It is vibrant, soft, and beautiful.  You can easily sew up a dress, top or even pants.  For this project I chose this leafy stained glass window digitally printed stretch neoprene and used nautical blue stretch rayon ponte knit for the contrasting yoke. Both fabrics are super easy to work with. Mood has an assortment of prints and solids to chose from.

The pattern I used is Sandra Betzina's Vogue 1429.   

It is described as: MISSES' DRESS: Close-fitting, pullover top and dress have self-lined upper front extending into standing back collar and stitched hem. A: self-lined yoke and sleeves in two lengths. B: purchased bias tape to finish armholes. 

The pattern is available in sizes A through J.  I used a combination of sizes D and E with a few additional adjustments.

Mine dress looks more like the top than the dress because I wanted a contrasting yoke.  The basic silhouette is the same.  So there are no surprises in the style illustrated on the envelope and the actual drafted pattern.

The dress is not difficult to sew.  It is important to follow steps 10 and 11 to ensure that the two yokes meet as pictured in the illustrations.  In my dress they do not abut as intended as I was attempting to reduce the bulk at the center chest area where the two yokes meet.

What drew me to this pattern was the yoke, dart placement, and the slim silhouette.  The yoke offers an alternative neckline; the dart placement helps create a slender look.

I did make a few changes.  No FBA though.  I used size D through the shoulders increasing to size E in the armholes through the bust area.  Other changes were:

  • Lower the dart about an inch.
  • Added three inches to the length of the dress.
  • Added an inch to the length of the sleeve.
  • Added a center back seam.
  • Made a sway back adjustment (tuck in the lower back area and curve out the lower center back so that the dress touches my back below the shoulder blades to the waist area.)
  • Added fish eye darts for shaping.
I may or may not sew it again.  I have so many other patterns that I want to try. But I do recommend it.  It is easy to make.  I was able to sew my dress up in a few hours after working out the fit issues.

I love the neoprene and recommend that you try one too.  

Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm a Guest Blogger on Rhonda's Creative Life

Good evening everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that I'm a guest blogger on Rhonda's Creative Life. A few weeks ago Rhonda asked me to write a tutorial on my fold over clutch for Fabulous Free Pattern Friday. Of course, I was delighted and welcomed the opportunity to be a guest blogger.

So please stop by Rhonda's Blog to read the tutorial.


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Drape Drape - Don't Be Intimidated

Have you ever been intimidated by a DIY book?  Well, I hate to admit that at first view of Hisako Sato's Drape Drape I was.  A few years ago, Andrea gifted me a copy.  Of course, I was grateful and thought it was a great gift, but still intimidated.

My questions:  Can I adjust the depth of the drape? The style is different.  Will it look good on me?  Is the sizing on the pattern similar the big four? 

Over the summer, I pulled the book from the shelf to take another look at it.  Hoping that my fears had dissipated.  To see if there was something in this jewel that would appeal to me and that I could conquer.

Okay, okay.. back to the book.

At my year later look, the same garments appealed to me, but without the fear of trying them.  This book is beautifully photographed.  The pages are clean and clutter free.  It comes with a packet of pattern sheets.  The sewing instructions appear to be clear.  Most of the construction techniques are including at the beginning of the book with sewing instructions and fabric requirements indicated on the first page of each project.

Here are a few garments that I may try.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fur and Denim

My first thoughts of a fur coat is often associated with a vision of a elegant dress or pant suit underneath.  But Marie Claire shows a different perspective in it's August 2015 issue.  The colors are bold and beautiful.

 Fur and denim is a great weekend outfit.

This second look is so 70's.  The shoulder wide collar, the over the knee boots, and the fringed purse.  I couldn't do the short, shorts though.

 These jackets also remind my of the 70's.  Cute, but a little to youthful for me.

Of course all of these looks are a little pricey.  But I can get "a look" for less with some faux fur. Lol

In my Mood Fabric stash, I have a yardage of faux fur that would be a great for a faux fur project this fall.

I'm thinking of using Burda Magazine, October 2008, coat 101 style.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thank You!

Good afternoon everyone!

Thank you so much for your comments and compliments on my recent sewing project. I love hearing from you and appreciate every time you leave a comment. 

Lately, I've been feeling better about sewing and blogging.  I am motivated to complete several UFO's and new projects on the table.  So in the meantime, I'll blog some trends and Note of a Patterns.

Happy Sewing and Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Starting the Holiday Sewing with Mood Pale Gold Sequins

I'm posting a second project for Mood Fabrics (MSN) for October.  Why... because I was not all together pleased with how this top turned out (first choice for October post.).  I wanted to achieve the same dramatic affect as the tops drawn on the envelope.  The problem is not the fabric or the pattern but the combination of the two.  This pattern required a fluid knit.

In these picture, I look happy, silly.  Sure... why not.  It's cold in Chicago. I'm freezing.  So my perky attitude helps me get through the photo shoot.

For Grins:  Trick and Treat of the Drape Sequined Top.

Frantically trying to decide (Monday) on my Mood October project, I selected this Pale Gold Sequined fabric from the six boxes from Mood that are carefully guarded at my home.   The online photo does not do it justice and shoppers may miss out on this audacious textile. So below is a picture of the fabric with the pattern envelope.

Sequins have been on my radar for months now and I thought I could get a jump start on my holiday wardrobe.

Needing a super quick project, I selected Vogue 8905, view B.  How easy is this?  One pattern piece to make a chic, relaxed drapey top and out of sequined fabric.  How cute is that?  On with the review.

Pattern Description:  MISSES' TOP: Pullover top has narrow hem. A and B: fitted, center seams are stitched on the right side of fabric. C: loose-fitting, cut on crosswise grain. A, B, C: stitching lines form sleeve openings, wrong side shows on hemline, and center seams A, B. A and C: shoulder openings, purchased bias tape to finish openings C. D: close-fitting.

Sizing:  XS to XXL.  I used a larger pattern, but eliminated some of the width on both sides of the bodice along the vertical stitching lines  (only two yards on hand).

I thought I had it made and selected a very easy pattern.  The challenge came in sewing the sequined fabric.  I spent quite some time removing the sequins from the seam allowances.  Most of the stitching is hemming the edges.  The exposed seam allowances for the center front and back also require a small rolled hem.

Sorry to report that my top does not have the drape of the drawings on the envelope.  I think it is due to the sequins.  It makes the fabric stiff and only a few folds are formed in the areas where the drape should be.

As I said earlier, the construction of the top is very easy and the instructions are too. I will certainly give this pattern another try, but with a much more drapey fabric.  The seam allowance on the right side does take some getting used to.  I'd prefer the traditional finishing instead.

My first version isn't as great as I'd hoped.  But I think this is an easy pattern that can produce great results.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Laced Up in Metallic Paradise Pink Paisley Lace

That title is a tongue twister.  Say it three times fast.  Lol.  This lace is fused on a nylon textile that is smooth and opaque.  It is similar the Coral Scallop Edged Re-Emboidered Lace that is current available at Mood.  No need for me to talk about how gorgeous it is.  You can see for yourself.  It is a great fabric to use for the special occasion outfit that needs to be made in a hurry.

This project was supposed to be a two-day project at most, once I worked through the fit issues of the pattern.  It all started in July.  Yes, in July.  This is a "birthday outfit" for my daughter, which I didn't finish until early Wednesday morning. 

Needless to say, my  daughter was very, very happy when I told her it was finished and not so happy when I told her it was my October Mood project and we needed to take picture on a cold and gloomy fall afternoon.  Oh well, that the price you pay for "free" custom made outfits.

My journey started with pairing this fabric with New Look 6130; views C with sleeves and E.  This pattern has been on my to-make list for awhile.

It includes several views to complete a mini wardrobe:  Peplum top with/without sleeves and neckline and peplum variations.  A straight skirt and slim pants with zipper closures.  It is available in sizes 8 to 18.  The instructions were pretty simple with no confusing or difficult construction processes.

We worked out the issue.  The adjustments were made using size 12 and 10.

The neckline, shoulders, and upper chest are basically size 12. The rest of the torso I tapered down to size 10.  The skirt is also size 10.  Because my daughter has a pigeon chest, the upper back bodice (size 12) is very loose at the neck through the  shoulder blades.  I simply removed the access along the center back seam (zipper).  Additionally, the skirt front required darts for more shaping in the front.  The skirt was loose at the waist.

Likes: The cute peplum top with the princess seam.   I thought it would be a great pattern to use for my daughter, and luckily she did too. ;-)

Dislikes:  None.

I don't know that I will sew it again.  I have so many new and old patterns that I would like to try.  But I do recommend it to others.  It's easy and stylish. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Loafers Are Back in Style!

I'm so glad loafers are back in style! Here are a few styles that I pinned on Pinterest.

Wear to wear them

Chanel on the Runway

Pretty Emerald Green for the Gap


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