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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Multi-Tasking - Sewing Related Activities

I'm all over the place with my sewing activities and projects.  I continue to add projects to the ole to make list. Occassionally, shuffling them around based on my current level of interest or excitement.  I'm ordering and buying fabric from multiple places.  I received a box from Mood with this lovely faux fur in it.  I haven't decided on what jacket/coat to make.

I have a mound of muslin garments cut, ready to sew up and fit.

My pattern collection has grown tremendously over the past few months.  I poured the newly purchased patterns over the dining table.  It looked like an explosion of patterns.Below is only a hand full that I started to trim.  And on top of that, I have a big shopping bag full of projects cut and stored in separate "Vogue" plastic bags.

So.., I will continue to "multi-task" the ole sewing projects and post as soon as I have something note worthy.  Expect to see more "Notes on a Pattern" even though I've only made one of the patterns of interest.

On Saturday, I'm attending a workshop taught by Rhonda Buss and Susan Khalje.  I'm so excited and can't wait to learn from the pros.

What about you?  Are you multi-tasking sewing projects?  Or do you work on them one at a time?

Happy Sewing!

Mixed Greens and Avocado Salad - Healthy Alternative to Fast Food During the Holiday Shopping Season

Black Friday officially starts of the holiday shopping season.  Many of us will spend our evenings and weekend's shopping for gifts and preparing for and going to holiday parties.  The hustle and bustle limits the amount of time we have to prepare home cooked meals.

A health, quick alternative to fast food is a great salad.  One of my favorites is Mixed Greens and Avocado.  It so simple to make and taste great.

Ingredients are:

Baby Kale and Spinach
Marzetti Honey French Dressing
Roasted Chicken Breast (optional)

Without Dressing


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Notes on a Pattern - McCall 7057, View B

Today's installation of Notes on a Pattern is McCall's 7057.  This is a new fall Palmer/Pletsch jacket.  At first sight, I knew I would make it.  For some unknown reason, JoAnn's does not have the new patterns when they are first released.  When it was finally available in stores, I was lucky to find this one still in the box next to the cabinets.

Anyway.. What do I like about this jacket?  Several weeks ago, I pinned a similar jacket on my Pinterest board:  This Should be In My Closet.  I like the hood that doubles as a shawl collar; it is a comfy versatile wrap jacket that can be dressed up or down; and, finally, it's easy to make.

It's described as a loose-fitting, unlined vest and jackets have front extending into hood or collar and side front seams.  View B has a belt, self-lined front and pockets.  It has princess seams, which are not clearly illustrated in drawing.  The guide sheet shows the design lines more clearly.

This is a Palmer/Pletsch pattern.  Fitting and tips included. Because I really like this jacket, I'm moving it to the top of the list of things to make.  I'm still hunting for the right fabric for it. has a  wool melton that would probably fit the bill.  Polar fleece is another option.

So, what do you think about this new pattern?

Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's the Holiday Season - Time for Parties and Fancy Dresses

I'm a little bit behind schedule for posting one of my latest dresses. This one was finished in September.  It posted on the Mood Sewing Network on Wednesday.  Here, I want to share more of details on the construction process and my thoughts on this pattern and dress.

Long, long ago back in... July, this beautiful brocade caught my eye. The rich jewel tones sparkled against my brown complexion. I saw a holiday dress.  Perfection.  I bet you're thinking, holiday dress in July? Yep. I wanted it to be ready before the first big holiday event rolled around.

Typically, I make myself a birthday dress, which is usually white or off-white because my birthday falls on the week of our annual Women's conference. This year I wanted to change it up a bit. No white dress for me. I finished it a few days after my big day.

I like this brocade's bold print. It turned out so well that I think I'll continue with the boldness for future birthday dresses. Mood has a huge section of brocade fabrics. There is something available for every complexion and style.

I used Palmer/Pletsch McCall 6464. It was the first time I used this particular pattern. The empire waist and the center front panel are what drew me to this one.  I made several changes for fit and style/construction.

Fit changes:

I first mentioned this project in a September post for Notes on a Pattern. My biggest hurdle was the FBA. The first step in the FBA process is altering the tissue pattern to include a bust dart. When I sew the bust and waist darts, it created a "cone boob" effect. That's not a good look for me.  So I divided the "big" waist dart into two darts. This made the bust area smooth. Sorry I don't have a illustrations. I made this change as I sewed. For the back I made a broad back and sway back adjustments. I think I achieved a good fit; it would have better even better if I added about an inch to the length of the bodice.

Construction changes:
  • Trim along the bodice and front seams of the dress. Shown in above pictures.
  • Hong Kong finished seams on the skirt of the dress.

  •  Silk organza to shape the sleeve cap.

  •  Hand picked zipper with beads (You can hardly see the beads because of the fabric print.).

I can't say that I will sew it again. I have so many patterns.  But it is incredible.

So, this is my first holiday dress of the season. I may make two more. We will see.

Happy Sewing!


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