Tuesday, August 18, 2020

WIP - Garment 4 - Green Wardrobe Capsule - New Look NL6594



Hi everyone,

I'm working on my fourth installment of my Green Wardrobe Capsule, New Look NL6594 . I made the pattern adjustment months ago.  And cut the dress out last week.  The same day severe storms hit the Chicago land area.  Major damage throughout the city and surrounding southern suburban resulting in hundreds of fallen trees and power lines.  My power outage lasted from Monday afternoon until Thursday evening.  Sadly, many are still without power.


Veterans' Park in South Holland


I hope to write my next post in a few days.  It will be a "Notes on a Pattern" post. With a follow up post of my finished dress.  Sewing for myself has been a challenge lately because I'm still making masks, caps, head wraps and bonnets.  My goal this month and the next is to finish the my green wardrobe capsule and to start a new capsule.  One that will coordinate with some of the green garments that I've already made.

Anyway, I wanted to drop in give a little update.   I hope everyone is well and staying safe during this pandemic.


Happy Sewing!




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