Sunday, January 31, 2021

Scrap Busting with Simplicity Turban - S8423

One of my sewing goals is to sew and/or donate a large portion of the fabric scraps that I have accumulated over the years.  This may take some time.  But I'm going to take to stash bust as many scraps as I can.  One way I'm doing it is to make accessories.  

At the end of 2020, I started making turbans using Simplicity S8423.  It is so quick and easy.  Tje pattern piece is a rectangle and two seams to sew.  Literally, it took me 15 minutes from cut to sew to make one of these.  So I made ten of them.  The first one was made out of a remnant from my Cashmerette dress, the blue paisley one.  

I gifted it to Venus.  She a Nurses Aide at Senior facility near Chicago.  Venus was very happy to have it.  In fact she purchased three more from me just last week.  

These little turbans are great for holding you hair in place during facials and make-up applications.  Or wearing it as a head wrap like Ms. Venus.  

So here's to the easiest sewing project ever.

Caution regarding the sizing. This is a large. Depending on the stretch of the knit you may need to adjust the size along the opposite sides of the pattern that identifies the sizes.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Color Blocked Jacket With Ooh La La Leggings - Vogue V8795 and PaperCut Leggings


I decided months ago to make another pair of OohLaLa leggings.  Actually, I planned to make two pairs out of the designer rayon double knits that I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics last fall.  After completing them I had about 3/4 yard leftover of each color.  It was too much to through away and two little to make another garment.  I was determined not to start another bin of scraps as I already have several in my sewing studio and in the garage.   So, I had to figure out some way to use them up immediately after making my leggings.  

This is why I came up with the idea to make a color blocked jacket.  It took some thought and a whole lot of playing Tetris with the pattern pieces.  The best design solution was to make each side a different color.  It was still a challenge with making the sleeves long enough.  So, I did something that my grandmother taught me many, many years ago.  She called the process "piece mill".  The sleeves are actually two pieces sewn together to get the desired sleeve length of the jacket.   I guess it could be considered a design element.  

Once I got all the pieces cut out, I began to happily put together my jacket.  This is not the first time that I used this pattern.  I first made the jacket way, way back in January 2013. It is Vogue V8795.  The complete review on that project is here.

The first time I made the leggings was in 2015.   I loved them and can't say why it took my so long to make them again.  The Papercut Ooh LaLa Leggings are reviewed here.   

There is nothing to add to the review of the leggings.  They were super easy to make and my likes remain the same.  As for the jacket, the major difference is color blocking it.  My design changes are centered around using a limited amount of two different fabrics to get one complete jacket.   The sleeves are two pieces: a upper and a lower piece.  The back of the jacket is also two pieces with a center back seam. This jacket is about 1" shorter than the first one due to fabric limitations.

I love how the jacket came together.  The whole process was fun.  All of the fabric was used. And I have a little jacket that I can wear with either pair of leggings. 

The fabric is a Designer Rayon Double Knit from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Here is where you can find the Deep Purple on Ann's site.   There are several  other colors to choose from.  This knit is wonderful.  It does not pill and has great recovery.    

I'm pleased with this project.  It was the last outfit that I made for myself in 2020.  I think it was a good final project.  The leggings are great and super easy.  Although the jacket took a little time to make, I am very pleased with the results and glad I was able to use the scraps.  Both patterns are a good sew, and I recommend them.

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hoodies - McCall M8054




I wanted to make something other than pajamas for my daughter.  But I didn't want to spend time going through the whole fit process.  I've been physically l and mentally drained for a number of reasons, which I won't go into.  So, when I was searching for something to make for her, I came across this McCall's (M8054, CharlieMcCalls) hoodie pattern.  It was in a bag of patterns that I purchased before the Covid-19 lock down.   I thought it was easy enough not to require any major fit issues.  


McCall's describes it as: Close-fitting, pullover tops have princess seams and narrow hem. A: Purchased trim. A, B: Neck band. Fitted hoodie has hem band and exposed zipper. C, D: Contrast lined hood. D: Kangaroo pockets. All have cuffs and raglan sleeves, and fit for men's sizing.

I made size small for my DD, views C and D with some design changes.  In my opinion, it is not close- fitting.  It doesn't look close-fitting on the pictured model, and it is not close-fitting on my DD.  Anyway, other than that, the hoodies does look like the picture and drawings on the envelope.


The instructions were typical and easy to follow. Nothing confusing in them.  

I liked this pattern for a few reasons: one mentioned earlier.  Easy to make without going through a lot of fit adjustments.  It's a basic hoodie.  What's not to like?  Young and old love wearing them.

For View C - I used a striped sweatshirt fleece from Mood Fabrics.  I also purchased the ribbed knit from Mood for the cuffs.  The red contrast for the hood was a remnant from a turtleneck top that I made in November.

For View D - I used a speckled sweatshirt fleece from Vogue Fabrics.  The ribbed knit for the cuffs and band is from Mood and the trim on the sleeves is from JoAnn's Fabrics.

The only changes that I made were in the design.  


View C - No contrast for the side front and back.  I only contrasted the inside of the hood.  Very small change.


View D - I wanted to add a little somethin' to the sleeves.  So I added a trim with metallic silver dots on velvet, some interest for this basic hoodie.


The little lady loves them.  She wears them often.  Her happiness makes me happy.  I don't know if she'll want more of these.   But, I think I will make a few for myself. This is a basic hoodie pattern that I would recommend it others.  It is a few inches longer than the average hoodies, which is a nice design element.  

The hoodies were fun to make.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.  The construction process was smooth sewing.  No fit adjustments, no construction issues.  Happiness.

This completes my Christmas gift sewing projects for 2020.

Next pattern review will be on a color blocked outfit that I made for myself.  It was the last project of 2020.

Happy Sewing!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

More PJ sets with Molly T-Shirt and Simplicity S1280 Leggings

Here is the second style of pajama set that I made for Christmas gifts. Pictured above is the set that I made for myself.  I made an identical set for my sister.  The fabric is from JoAnn's.  It is polyester/rayon blend I think?  It's soft enough for baby clothes. I used the same top as before, the Molly T-shirt; and for the pants I used Simplicity S1280 leggings.  There isn't a lot to discuss as far as a pattern review.  The leggings basically sewed up the same as any elasticized waist pants.  

I made both sets in one evening.  Most of the seams were serged and I didn't really use the instructions.  The leggings didn't looked like leggings to me.  More like narrow legged pants.  After making these pj's, I used the pattern again to make actual leggings.  To get them to "look" like leggings I had to reduce the leg width from mid thigh all the way to the hem.  Anyway, that's another review to share.

I'm really trying to make good use of the remnants.  So, I made a few head bands to go with the sets.  For the one pictured, I simply cut the fabric long enough to tie and knot and to fit comfortably around my head.  Then I sewed the ends together lengthwise and tied a knot in the center.  To finish the band, I sewed the remaining ends together to form a circle.  

To finish the waist of the pants.  I serged the raw edge; then turned and pressed the hem (casing for the elastic).  Next, I abutted the elastic to form a circle dividing it into four section using straight pins.  The elastic abutment was placed the center back between the pants and the seam allowance (casing). The other three sections were pinned at the center front and side seams.  I set the machine stitch to a small zigzag.  Then I sewed the elastic to the pants stretching it to fit as I sewed.  To finish it, I stitched a little bow made of satin ribbon to the center front of the pants.

So, this completes may reviews of the Christmas pajama sets that I made.  Next, I'll share the review on the hoodies that I made for my daughter's handmade gifts.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Robe and Pajama Set - The Perfect Family Christmas Gift

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without handmade pj's.  Every year I make pajama pants for members of my family.  This year was no different.  The first set of five flannel pj's were made, boxed and wrapped before I realized I didn't take any pictures.   Oh well, I made them using the same pattern used last year.  The difference was the fabric prints.  Like always, they were well received by all.  It's becoming an annual tradition to make them for my closest love ones.  A very easy gift to make and they are loved by all.

This year I decided to do something a little different.  Instead of the lone pj pants, I made three sets: one that included a robe, top and pants and the other two a top, pants and head wrap.  For each set I used a combination of various patterns.  

The first, is the Pattern Union Molly T-shirt, Simplicity S2476 robe, and Simplicity S2290 pants.  The combination of the three is the perfect gift.

This is the first time I've posted a review of the  Molly Tee.  I had made it once before, but didn't blog and share any photos of my t-shirt.  It is a basic t-shirt pattern with the shoulder seam 1.5 inches forward so it's visible from the front.  The pattern comes in multiple cup sizes and with three different sleeve lengths. I made the short sleeve version with the appropriate cup size for my sister.  It comes in sizes 6 to 26.

Simplicity M2290 The pants super easy.  One piece pant pattern with an elasticized waist that sews up in a flash.  I made this one dozens of times. The pattern comes in sizes XS to XL.

McCall M2476 This is an oldie, but it is still in print.  I purchased my copy in 2003.  The robe is a typical bath robe with patch pocket, front band and belt.  It comes in sizes small to xx-large.

All three coordinates look like the photo/drawing on the pattern.  The instructions were typical and easy to follow.  Nothing confusing.

My likes:
  • Molly T-shirt. I love the multiple cup sizes and the wide range of sizes available. The shoulder seam and the sleeve lengths are great too.  
  • Pants. What's not to like about them.  They are the perfect quick and easy pj pants. You can make dozens of them in a variety of lengths and colors.
  • Robe.  I like that it is a basic robe that can be made up in a variety of fabrics.  And that it is easy to make.  
All three coordinates were made in one evening.  This set was actually made Christmas Eve.  These patterns are great for beginners.

No dislikes.

All fabrics were purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  I actually purchased them for myself about three years ago.  I decided to make it a gift instead of buying more fabric.

The robe is Mint Polyester/Lycra Jacquard Double Knit 60" wide.  It is springy and has a pebble texture.  The pajamas is Green/Sky Blue/White Cotton/Lycra Palm Leave Clusters Print Jersey with a smooth hand.  Both fabrics were great to work with.

I made no changes to the robe.  I literally made it straight out of the envelope.  For the Molly t-shirt, I made a swayback adjustment with a center back seam. For the pants I just added length to them and made a cuff at the bottom.

To date I've made the Molly T-shirt four times.  It's a winner and a TNT for sure. ;-)  The pants already a TNT.  And the robe I'd make it again too.    All three coordinates are highly recommended for all level sewists.  

I'm glad I decided a make a complete pajama and robe set.  My sister was very happy too.  She couldn't wait to wear them and to make a request for more pj sets for like right now.  Lol  This set is a winner all the way around.  A quick and easy sew for me and an extremely happy recipient. 

Parting Shot:  This is Bella.  My sister's new pup and the newest member of the Burwell chan.  Bella was about 2.5 months at the time of this picture.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Happy New Year!

Time waits for no one. Before you know it several weeks have past.  We are already in the third week of January.  Wow.  I started writing this post over two weeks ago. But I got so distracted and didn't finish it until today. I was determined to get back to blogging and talking about my sewing adventures.  At the end of 2020, I was anxiously anticipating the new year.  I'm so thankful to be able to do the things that bring me joy. And sewing is one of my most precious gifts from God.  It brings me a lot of pleasure to create things.  I'm happy to spend hours in my creative space.    

So I've been reflecting on 2020 and planning for 2021.  Last year I made about 665 of masks and 88 caps and bonnets. This Covid-19 sewing took up a large portion of my sewing time. I was happy to do it.  I donated more than half of what I made and the rest I sold.  Additionally, for myself I managed to make 44 garments and accessories and 21 for others. I'm still happy with most of the things that I made for myself.  Looking forward my sewing goals are pretty much the same as last year.  I will continue to work on jackets and coats.  About mid-way 2020 I started mini wardrobe capsule based on my color palette.  I'll continue with that series. There are a few UFO's in the plan as well. Rhonda and I have another cargo challenge.  This one includes a jacket and pants.   Finally, I'll hope to continue with the blouse/shirt project. 

I have a beautiful new planner to help me keep track my activities and tasks.  One that allows me to list events and journal about them.  This is great for me.   This year, I ended up with two planners: one was a gift and the other I purchased a few months ago.  My favorite is the gifted journal which I'll use for 2021.   I gave the second one to my DD.

During my blogging break, I did quite a lot of sewing, mostly gifts.  I'll post them and my reviews along with a few projects for me.  This ends my first blog post of 2021.  I hope everyone is off to a great start to a productive year.  

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year!



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