Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Red Is One of My Favorite Colors - Vogue 8871 and Butterick 5727

Every once in awhile I inventory my closets to see what needs to be retired and what needs to be added.  I noticed that I only have only red dress in rotation.  That was kind of odd, since red is one of my favorite colors.  So I decided it was time to add a little warmth to my wardrobe.

This is the perfect time.  The holiday season is around the corner, and I may as well get a head start.  So I began with a simple princess seam red dress.  Vogue 8871 is perfect:  it's simple; it's fit and flare; and it's cute.  Mood's red stretch rayon-nylon ponte knit is a perfect match for this dress.

Initially, I made view B adding the sleeve from Vogue 1314. I tried it on several times before and after hemming it.  Something wasn't right.  So I call in my little consultant, my darling daughter.  Immediately, she said, "It's too long.  Take a few inches off."  Still I was trying to make the length work, trying on various belts.  I didn't want to cut it off after all that hemming.  Tee hee.  So finally I gave in, cutting about 3.5 inches off the dress.  Now, I'm happy.

I made a few more changes:
  • Full bust adjustment
  • Sway back adjustment by adding a center back seam, folding out the access at the waist and curving the center back seam to fit.
  • I don't like to do a narrow hem at the neckline. So I made a neck band about two inches wide and two inches less than the length of the neckline.
  • I didn't top stitch around the armhole, nor did I double stitch the seams.  I stitched once and finished the edges with the serger. 
In the end, the dress did look like view A with long sleeves. I barely looked at the instructions, as this is a very easy dress to make.  The instructions were less than a page after the layout information.

My only dislike was the narrow hem for the neckline.  I like a narrow neck band that is attached then turned in for a clean sturdy finish.

Call me crazy, but I think I will try View B in a print, like the one the model is wearing on the website.  ;-)

This is a very easy pattern that beginners can sew, and it is flattering on most body shapes.  It's worth a try.

Part II:  Adding Interest to a Simple Classic Silhouette - Butterick 5727 Fur Collar

Medium Brown Lamb Shearling, Chocolate/Black Iridescent Twill Lining, and Butterick 5727.

So sorry the medium brown lamb shearling is sold out.  I was able to grab two pieces around this time last year.  Way back then, I did not know what I'd do with it.  When I saw it, I wanted it; so I got it.  The good news is, Mood has other shearlings that may interest you.  You can see them here.   As for the Chocolate/Black Iridescent Twill Lining, they have it in stock and it is perfect with the lamb shearling fur collar.

You can easily make it without a pattern, but I had it on hand.  So why not use it. ;-)  I made size medium.  The only change made: I double the ties.  It looks much nicer then the narrow hem method.
So you never see the wrong side of the fabric.


That's all for now.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Butterick 6388 - Little Simple Dress

It's been awhile. But I was determine to post some today. As a matter of fact, I have several projects that I want to share, but I'm either lacking pictures or some details needed for the post. So today this post will be short and sweet.

About a week ago, I made Butterick 6388. I guess my hesitation for not posting sooner was because I was not completely happy with the outcome of this project. Actually, this is one of many projects that I was not thrilled about. So, over the past week it sort of grew on me. I think my dissatisfaction was with the lack of shaping about the waist. But the belt I'm wearing solved that little problem.

So, here goes..,

Butterick description of the dress is: Tops and dress have side front seams, shaped collar, and back yoke. A little vague, right? To add to that the side front seams almost form a "V". Within the front seams are in-set pockets. The pattern comes in sizes Y (XS-S-M) ZZ(L-XL-XXL). I made a medium with modifications.

  • Because of the shape of the dress I felt I could get away with making a FBA by adding a little more wideth in the bust area. 
  • Added a few inches to the length 
  • Made a swayback adjustment
  • The pockets would not stay in place, so I stitched them to the front of the dress.  I think this may be due to the softness of the fabric.
The dress does look like the dress pictured on the envelope.  The instructions are typical big four.  Nothing difficult or confusing about them though.  This dress goes together with no problem.  There is some top stitching at the pocket opening, sleeves and back yoke.  That is one of the design elements that I like.

I didn't like the movement of the pockets, unstable.  The collar doesn't stand as the collar in the picture.  But I think it's because of the weight and texture of my fabric.

The fabric was purchase at JoAnn's.  It's slightly textured with some of the floral print raised.  It feels a little velvety. The stretch is about 25 percent and the recovery is good.  The colors are what drew me to it.  And the hand made it easy for me to buy it. ;-)

I don't think I will make the dress again as I have hundreds of other dresses to try.  But I do recommend it to others.  You should pay close attention to your fabric selection, and you may need to add interfacing to the collar for better results.

Parting Shot:  When my DD saw me ready for the photo shot, she remarked, "Mama you look like a "Bond Girl".  Really???  So, here's my impression of a "Bond Girl" ready for action.  Tee Hee.

Happy Sewing!



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