Thursday, July 30, 2009

Side Tracked by Simplicity 2724

Sheila is my inspiration for this post. While on facebook yesterday she asked me about my progress on the jean pocket project. Sad to report, I got no further than finishing the seam allowance on the pants. I'll probably finish them on Saturday.

So, what side tracked me?...., Simplicity 2724.

My DD asked for another version of this dress made out of fabric she bought in the spring.

She and her Gal Pals are on their way to Vegas next weekend. So I made the cap sleeve version with the pleated neckline and same skirt as the easter dress. After church, I finished it. Maybe I'll get a photo of her in it before she leaves. So in the meantime, I'll work on my jeans, of course, along with the matching jacket. Also, in the works are my bright orange dress, M5801 and my multi-color (brown, green, and orange)dress, V1020.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sewing Classes In My Neighborhood

Last week I decided to do a three mile walk down West 95th Streeet. And lo and behold I discovered the EWS Tailoring & Fashion Design Academy (1802 West 95th Street). I never noticed it before. I travel up and down 95th Street all the time. The view is much different on foot than in a car.

They advertise tailored pants in the window. DD and I peeked through the window, but couldn't really see anything. They were closed. You know what's next. Today I called to request course information. No one answered so I left a message. We'll see what comes of it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jean Pool - Back Pockets Part II

Using the suggestions from the 1981 Palmer/Pletsch pattern I went on a hunt for potential back pocket designs. Of course, I did the easiest thing: I googled "back pocket designs". Here's what I came up with as potential designs for the jeans I'm making from M5515. This pattern does not have back pockets so I used the back pocket pattern from the 1981 Palmer/Pletsch pattern.

Potential Designs:

Copied lines to pocket using tracing wheel and paper:

Went over lines with tailor pencil:

Next Sewing the design onto the pockets.

Stay tuned!

Lining Up The Projects

This week I've been organizing projects. Since I don't have an exclusive sewing room, I use my dining room table as my cutting table. Because the dining room serves a dual purpose, I tend to cut multiple projects at a time. Organizing the notions to be used putting them into a "project" bag with the cut to-be-garment(s). Yesterday I finished cutting two dresses and traced off three BWOF patterns. Now I'm at the point of finishing the seam allowances on some of the items. Things cut so far: 3 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, 1 jean jacket, one knit top.

My DD is finishing up the summer session and will have two more semesters before graduation. Thank you, Jesus! She is looking for an internship. This fall I'm hoping to help the employment effort with two mini wardrobes.

The first group:

Items to be made - Jacket and pants (Brown/Beige Hounds Tooth wool blend), top (creme jersey), and dress (cranberry wool crepe).

The second group:

Colors - Purple, Black, and Grey
Items to be made - Jacket (black wool blend [have it not photographed]), dress (plum silk cotton), pant (grey wool blend), and skirt (plum crepe wool).

The numbering of the groups won't dictate which will be completed first. I just wanted to distinguish the two. May be I'll give them some cute name later. But for now it's group 1 and 2.

Well, as always I have plenty to sew. So I better get cracking. Today is a "Sew" day for me.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ramblings: Sewing, Fashion Fall 2009, Beyonce

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn't sew a stitch this weekend. I wanted to, but it just didn't happen. This week I hope to cut out a few items for myself and DD. Very little progress on the "Career Wardrobe" design for DD. I do have a few patterns and fabric in mind, but nothing final.

On Friday, I was spying Carolyn's flickr set. She has already posted some ideas for her Elegant Fall wardrobe. My goodness, she is super proactive. I'm still working on the summer wardrobe. At the next pattern sale, I'm going to grab the hooded jacket and Badgley Mischka dress pattern. Super cute.

This weekend I got to see Ms. Beyonce in concert (second time around). She is an all around entertainer. This year's concert had more of a little bit of everything: rock, pop, rap, and Beyonce, Destiny's Child, and Sasha. The special affects put me in the mind of the MJ 1988 concert at the Rosemont Horizon. The 2007 program was more appealing to me, but I still enjoyed it. At various point of the concert, the music and the roar of the crowd was deafening. Either I’m getting old or it was really loud. Lol Here's is an opening shot of friday night's conert.

Tickets were $25 more than the 2007 price, inflation. No dinner outing this time. lol

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summertime And The Living Is Easy - Family Road Trip

Aunt Essie (82) escorted by Paris as we entered Fire Mountain Restaurant in Michigan (July 11, 2009).

It's been two solid weeks since I last blogged. It has not been due to lack of content or inspiration. I've been a little distracted with "Facebook" and other activities.

A few months ago, Katrina (cousin) and I talked about a road trip to see our Aunt Doris. Our mothers are up in age. We thought it would be good for them/us to get together. So Trina organized a road trip to visit Aunt Doris in Michigan.

We embarked on our journey July 10th, 4:30am, headed towards Michigan. It reminded me of how much I enjoy my extended family and the importance of fellowshiping with them.

There are four sisters living; all of my mom's brothers have past. Only Aunt Essie travelled with us. My mom (Chicago) and Aunt Clara (Alabama) had other obligations and couldn't make the trip (next time).

Day One July 10th - We arrived.

We arrived about 9:15 am July 10, 2009. Pictured Shirley, Aunt Doris and Essie, and Bnai.

Aunt Essie, Trina, and Aunt Doris

This last time Aunt Doris saw Lauren was sixteen years ago at a family reunion in Tennessee. Trina is re-introducing Lauren to Aunt Doris. July 10, 2009.

Destiny (Paris)

Brianna, Quinten, and Lauren

Trina and Destiny

Cousin Shirley always pulled together and ready. This woman is the epitome of hospitality. Before we could all get into Aunt Doris's house, she was getting to work on putting dinner together. BTW- She's Paris's mom.

After initial visit, we headed to the hotel, leaving Aunt Essie to spend time with Aunt Doris.

Day Two - July 11, 2009. Aunt Doris took us to her favorite all you can eat restaurant (Fire Mountain). It reminded me of the buffet restaurant in the Stratosphere (Las Vegas). Hmmm..., Hmmm.., Good eatin'.

Aunt Doris, Trina, and Aunt Essie

The Young People

Partial group shot

Later that day, we went back to the hotel: swimming, joking, laughing, and playing spades until 2:30 in the morning.

Day Three - July 12, 2009, 11:00am

We left the hotel headed back to Aunt Doris's home. We talked, laughed and then prayed for a safe return to Chicago.

On the ride back, Destiny danced to Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

As I mature, I become more appreciative of the time that God has given me. Just back from a visit with my Aunt Doris (Michigan), who is well into her 70's. Also visiting my Aunt Essie (82) and several of my cousins. It was wonderful and I'm looking forward to the next gathering. Both of my aunts are well and able to take care of themselves (and others). It's a blessing and I pray it's in "my" future.

Good road trip. Summertime and the living is easy, fun with family is always a plus.


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