Monday, October 22, 2007

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married

This weekend I went to see Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I get Married”. It’s a great movie. There is nothing to dislike about this movie. The cast, the storyline, and cinema photography were all great. It is always a welcomed change to see a movie that speaks to the inter-personal relationships of friends and married couples. This movie more than scratches the surface of those things that strengthen, weaken or destroy relationships or families. In my opinion Tyler Perry is phenomenal. I love his artistry and am happy for his success in the movie industry. He has gone from sleeping in a car to owning a production company! Wow!


  1. Yes he has! It is a fantastic movie!!!

  2. His plays and movies dig deep down to the very core without apology. That is what we as a people and a country need-the plain truth straight to our face.

    I aplaud him loudly

  3. My wife really wants to watch this. She, we enjoyed all of his other movies. It will take a while before it gets to New Zealand.

  4. I loved the movie, too. Jill Scott's speech made me cry! And I especially love movies that make me cry!

  5. Sounds like a great movie! I can't wait to see it.



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