Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Sloper Pattern - S2860 Fitting Pants PT III

I call this the sloper pattern. It's all about making the perfect fitting pant. The pattern cover says:

- Contoured Waistband - comfortably sits 1/2" below the natural waistline
- Side Seams - Hang straight without pulling toward the front or back
- Center Seam - Has enough room for movement without sagging or creeping

Sounds good, right? Wait it gets better..., The pattern including three patterns for three different body types: slim, average, and curvy. So course, I'm trying it out. Part of my evaluation is to compare it to the adjustments that I currently use for getting the right fit for me.

The pattern instructions are pretty good. They include information of how to determine your figure type and how to select the appropriate pattern pieces for that figure type.

Details on fitting the waistline using darts for each body type.

Illiustrations and instructions on fine tuning the pants as you go.

Illiustration of the body space of the M5710 pattern.

The body space of the Simplicity pattern (2860) is narrower than the space of the M5710.

Here are the back patterns of S2860 and M5710 side by side. I can see the similarity in the shape of the side seam, but the crotch line is different. Based on my measurements, I should use the curvy version of the pattern.Finally, I placed the back of M5710 over the back of S2860 to further compare the two. The crotch curve is quite different. The base of the crotch line falls about 1 1/2" lower than the M5710. I'll see how big of a difference this weekend.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I've got a Vogue fitting pattern that I'm too scared to try. I'll be waiting eagerly to see your progress ... then I might just have a go myself!

  2. Thank you for sharing all this info!

  3. The crotch on 2860 vs. the McCalls pattern you used were very different. How would you say the fit differed between the two with regard to the curve of the derriere and front? Which pattern worked best for you in that area with the least amount of modification? - Thanks.

  4. Hi Anonymous, The crotch lines are different. The Simplicity pattern gives the better fit and it also provides a generous seam allowance to the center back. Also note that the center back waistline is about an inch and half above the side seam. This difference allows for a curvier backside. The crotch of the McCall's pattern only provide the standard seam allowance. For future pants, I plan to use the crotch line of the Simplicity pattern.

    Thank for asking,



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