Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alterations and Fitting Vogue 8438 - Part II

Finally, I'm able to post the alterations and fitting of my Sew-Along Coat, V8438. The pattern alterations were relatively easy. I had to make a FBA and a sway back adjustment. With princess seam style garment I usually don't worry about adding width across the shoulder blades in the paper pattern alteration. As I'm cutting out the garment I add a little more to the seam allowance just in case.

Here I made a sway back adjustment on the back and back lining pattern by folding out about 3/4 inch.

On the side back (also used for the lining), I gradually increase the amount to be removed as I moved toward the seam allowance that joins the back pattern.

On the front and front side pattern I made a FBA.

The adjustment were also made on the front facing and front lining.

Fitting - Front view - No gaping at the front closure across the bust line.

Back view - No horizontal lines across the back. The stitching at center back seam of the collar and the lower center pleat will be removed after pressing and before I hem it.

Side view.

I've already attached the front facing and lining.

Here's a view of the under collar. When I had the coat on the stand on the coat felt a little droopy. But I think I can live with it.

Tonight I plan to hem the coat and attached the lining to the sleeves.

Stay Tuned...,
Happy Sewing!


  1. You did such a wonderful job. I love it. I especially love the lining.

  2. So exciting! It looks great and I love that blue color.

  3. It's looking good! Love that collar.

  4. This is beautiful! I always pay attention to your alterations and the lining has inspired me to use that as well.

  5. The jacket has a very nice collar and the lining is beautiful.

    Greetings from Sabine

  6. That lining is gorgeous!!! You're doing great. :):):):)


  7. I agree the lining is gorgeous and the coat looks fantastic on you. You did a wonderful job!

  8. Looks good - the collar is especially nice for you! The lining is beautiful.

  9. WoW! that is a great looking coat and the lining is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Nice coat, you did a great job. Thanks for posting pictures of the alteration

  11. That's a GORGEOUS coat, congratulations!!!!

  12. You did a lovely job and the lining is beautiful.....

  13. Oh, that's looking mighty fine!



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