Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Fascinators

For a while I've wanted to try my hand at making hats. Not the crocheted type but ones made of wool felt or straw adorned with all the accoutrements that make it special. Since reading about fascinator's in a current issue of Essence magazine, I decided to try making one.

I purchased a petite hat on eBay. I needed a white one, but they only had off-white.  So first, we tried to paint it pearl white. That didn't work. Then I decided to make a cover for it. Sorry I don't have any measurements and not many pictures.  But it's not hard to do.   Here's how.

- Place the hat top side down on the fabric; trace the outline. Cut the cloth, adding the desired seam allowance.

- Measure the circumference of the traced outline minus the seam allowance. This measurement (circumference) is the length of the fabric for the body of the hat.
- Next, measure the height of the body. Use these to measurements to cut the body of the hat. Add seam allowance.

- Double the fabric. Then place the hat top side down on the fabric; trace the outline of it. Then turn the hat right side up and trace the brim of it. Cut away the smaller oval. Next, cut away the fabric from the larger outline (brim) adding the seam allowance.

- Sewing; join the two short lengths of fabric for the body of the hat. Press. Make little slashes around the Oval (top of the hat). Then pin it to the body of the hat. Sew and press. Now turn it inside out and roll it down over the hat. For the brim - sew the outer edge of the brim together. Slip it over the top of the hat. Work the brim between the two layers.

- The hat band (ribbon) will cover the raw edges. Glue it in place.  For the inside, add ribbon or lace, whatever you like, to conceal the raw edges on the inside of the hat. Add little hair comb clips to hold the hat in place when worn.

- Finally add (glue) feathers, flowers (Mine are handmade leftovers from a previous project), or ribbon to decorate.

And you are done.

Parting Shot: DD made this fascinator for me. Worn Unity Conference 2011.


  1. These are super cute. I love the little hat!!

  2. OK! Now I know the history behind the hat/fascinator. Cute!

  3. Love the hat and the suit!! Great work!

  4. Oooh, we love fascinators here! Thanks for the tips and new ideas!



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