Monday, May 14, 2012

Fitting Vogue 8190 and McCall 4321

It's such a blessing to have clients with minor fitting issues.  I'm in the process of making the second prom dress.  This one is for my cousin (second) Traci.  The only fit issues are:  slightly too big in the bust area.  All is needed is a reduction is the width of the bodice.  And slightly to big below the hip area.  Simple.  (Yes the skirt is uneven due to lack of width of the muslin fabric.)

I'm using Vogue 8190, View C, for this dress.  The design changes are minor too.  Traci does not want the tulle exposed at the bottom so the overlay will be the same length.  A beautiful embroidered, beaded lace will adorn the top of the dress.  She wanted the bottom detachable; but I said nothing doing.  That takes too much time.  

Traci's date will wear a matching vest and bow tie.  I'm using McCall's 4321.  His muslin fitting was just as painless with adjustments along the upper back and the side seams.  I'm thankful.

Next week, I will reveal the finished gown and vest.  Meanwhile, the reveal of my niece's prom dress is scheduled for this Friday night. 

Stay tuned and Happy Sewing!


  1. This dress is gorgeous! How blessed they are to have a prom gown made by you. It also looks like a fun project.

  2. I think your cousin is on the money to ask for the bottom to be detachable. It means that the dress will be worn again. It makes me weep to see my daughter's never to worn again formal dress that I spent months making. I have another graduation formal coming up next year for my youngest and will show her this design.

  3. You lucked out on this one. Too big is always a blessing and an easy fix. I think the sewing gods are on your side since you're paying your dues with all the ruching.

  4. So far so good! I am so anxious to see!'re so correct, it is great when you don't have to deal with a lot of fitting issues! My favorite kind of sewing! Good luck!

  5. Wow. I think they will be a very stylish couple.

  6. This is going to be beautiful!



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