Sunday, November 15, 2015

Drape Drape - Don't Be Intimidated

Have you ever been intimidated by a DIY book?  Well, I hate to admit that at first view of Hisako Sato's Drape Drape I was.  A few years ago, Andrea gifted me a copy.  Of course, I was grateful and thought it was a great gift, but still intimidated.

My questions:  Can I adjust the depth of the drape? The style is different.  Will it look good on me?  Is the sizing on the pattern similar the big four? 

Over the summer, I pulled the book from the shelf to take another look at it.  Hoping that my fears had dissipated.  To see if there was something in this jewel that would appeal to me and that I could conquer.

Okay, okay.. back to the book.

At my year later look, the same garments appealed to me, but without the fear of trying them.  This book is beautifully photographed.  The pages are clean and clutter free.  It comes with a packet of pattern sheets.  The sewing instructions appear to be clear.  Most of the construction techniques are including at the beginning of the book with sewing instructions and fabric requirements indicated on the first page of each project.

Here are a few garments that I may try.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I absolutely understand the intimidation factor...glad you're conquering it and I so look forward to seeing the process, completed work and lessons learned.

  2. I felt the same way about Burda magazine a few years ago. I tried a few patterns when I'd only been sewing for a year or two, and while I got decent results, I found the whole process of sewing with marginal instructions, adding seam allowances, etc stressful. Fast-forward ~5 years, and I'm not finding these things to be a big deal at all.

    Good luck with your garments! I'm looking forward to see what you make!

  3. I think that you picked 2 patterns that will work and look good on you. From what other women have reported they come in sizes quite a bit smaller than I am, so that makes me wary of even looking at them. I think that you have the pattern skills to make this work for you.

  4. I've got all three Drape Drape books! I love them and made quite a few things from them. There is plenty of ease in most of the garments, I go down a size. I haven't made anything from Drape Drape 1 - but have purchased fabric for that red dress.
    Good luck, these books are addictive as the pattern pieces are quite different to anything you've sewn with before. I frequently get asked 'what designer is that?' when I wear some of my DD pieces. That's got to be a good sign!

  5. Oh, I am looking forward to seeing what you make from this! The sizing was waaaaay off for me (XL is perfect for my extremely fit eldest dancer daughter), so I can't wait to see your pattern alterations!

  6. I quite understand your being intimidated. Me too. Every time I tackle a new pattern. I'm petrified. Been happening for decades. The only way to get over this is making a muslin and getting on with the sewing (at least that's what I tell myself). I can't wait to see what you concoct from this book!

  7. I've made up one dress from Drape Drape and loved it. You've reminded me there are so many other things in that book I want to try!

  8. I agree with Irene...whenever I purchase a new pattern company (unknown to me) it nerve wrecking!!! There have been some fails with them too! But you learn from that to keep forging forward and not let them get the best of you! We're "Super Sewers" and can challenge just about anything! I think you'll do very well with your selections and I can't wait to see your project started!

  9. Just dive in and you will be fine! Experiment with inexpensive fabrics and play. I know you will make something beautiful.

  10. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I do plan to try some of the garments from this book.



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