Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sleeves, Sleeves and More Sleeves

This spring there has been an explosion for sleeve designs to hit the garment market and the garment sewing market.  From cold shoulder designs to ruffles and multiple layer flounces, both marketplaces are saturated with interesting sleeve designs.  

Of course, this didn't just start.  I begin to noticed the focus on sleeves about five years ago.  One of my first recollection was when Rhonda Buss begin to post "Sleeves on Saturday".  Immediately, I was intrigued and wanted to try my hand at it; but felt a little intimated by the whole process.  So, I downloaded the instructed and stored them on the bookshelf for safe keeping.  I started feeling a little courageous a few days ago, I decided to take another look at what Rhonda posted in 2012. 

I belong to two groups on Facebook called:  "Pericrafters" and "SewMuchTalent".  For the month of June, our challenge is to hack McCall M6886.  Usually, I start early in the month deciding what I'd create for the challenge.  This month, I did not because there is such a saturation of sleeve design options available.  So why hack as if sleeves are the only thing to hack.  Anyway.

This brings my back to Ms. Rhonda.  She has created some very interesting sleeves.  Perfect for any sleeve hacking you or I may want to do. And I haven't seen her designs in any patterns yet.
Butterfly Sleeve

Rhonda - Cowl Draped Sleeve

Rhonda - Cowl Sleeve

Rhonda - Shirred Wrist Sleeve

So to share with all of you, here are a few sleeve options from her series that I am considering. No date in sight for doing these. I do plan to try at least one of them.  Join me if you please. ;-)

Happy Sewing!


  1. Thanks for the link - I am getting ready to do a bunch of simple knit t-shirts, with different sleeves to keep it interesting. This is exactly what I need! (And of course I picked up the McCall pattern, just for the sleeve variations.)

  2. I remember Rhonda's sleeves on Saturday. I looked forward to it every week. Looking forward to seeing your creations too!

  3. Loving this trend this season!


  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I hadn't seen Rhonda's sleeves before. That Guiding Light lantern sleeve is really cool! That shirred wrist sleeve also is a great design.

  5. Thanks for the eye candy. I recently made the McCall's pattern and love it.

  6. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Interesting sleeves are an easy-to-do addition ... if one thinks ahead. I had such plans for all those amazing sleeves that Rhonda posted every week. Unfortunately nothing happened. Thanks for reminding me - may-be I'll actually get to some interesting sleeves one of these days.



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