Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rhonda's Draped Cowl Sleeve - A Few Notes and Pictures

All summer it's when a challenge to schedule photo shoots with my daughter photographer due to work schedules and other activities. But slowly and surely I'm trying to catch up with posting pictures of the garments that I've made this year.

Today I want to show Rhonda's draped cowl sleeve dress and top as I would wear them. For my dress, I used Vogue 1314. My fabric is from a shop that was going out of business in New York. I bought all that was left. This is a polyester crushed velvet knit. When I bought it home, immediately I flew it in the washer and the dryer. It washing beautifully. This was an excellent purchase. So here I'm wearing it in the park near my home. My earlier post of making the draped cowl sleeve is here.

Next, I'm wearing my paisley draped cowl sleeve top (McCall 6963) with Simplicity pants (Simplicity 8389). The fabric is a crepy two tone chocolate knit from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston. It's very stretchy. So instead on making the waistband using the same fabric, it's a smooth lycra black knit. I omitted the belt.

This is the end of my current showcase of my Rhonda Draped Cowl sleeve projects. More on the other sleeves later.

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Your skills in terms of picking patterns, finding the right fabrics, and then the final construction blow me away time and again. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  3. You look beautiful in everything you wear. Both garments are amazing.

  4. Love both pieces - such fun sleeves!



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