Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vogue 8956 - Purple Plaid Skirt In Review

Today's pattern review is a simple wrap skirt with length and hem variations.  (I gravitate towards uneven hemlines.)  Anyway, this project was a very easy one that does take very long to make.

Vogue 8956 is a multi-size pattern.  I used size 14 with no modifications.  Usually, I don't need to make any extreme modifications to the pattern.  Also, I wanted see actually were the skirt hem would fall, view B, without me lengthening it. 

I can clearly see myself using this pattern again for view B as well as for view F.  It took me about three hours to sew.

One of my goals last year was to put more striped garments in my wardrobe.  This year I'm hoping to add more plaids and checks.  This cotton/poly blend was purchased at JoAnn's before the holiday season.  After the "big" snow I pulled it from my 2017/18 fabric stacks to make this skirt.

Instead of pre-washing the fabric, I gave it a good press with a lot of steam.  When it came to layout the pattern on top of it, it was very apparent that the print/weave of the plaid was uneven crosswise and lengthwise.  So I had to figit with it to try to closely match the plaid across the individual pieces of the skirt.

There is really nothing to dislike about the style of the skirt.  Everyone can wear it. Several fellow bloggers have made it and they look great in it.  As far as the pattern design is certain, I think the facing could be narrower.  This could be addressed with very little effort, just reduce the width of it.

This is a great staple, versatile with various hemlines.  This is a good skirt to have in your pattern collection.  So you will see at least one more version of this skirt on my blog.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Very beautiful skirt. I love plaids too and I plan on adding more to my wardrobe.

  2. The skirt is just perfect at the length for boots on you, but I bet it would be down by my ankles. Short leg problems! I think you made this plaid work very well, it looks kilt-like. I just noticed the icon at the bottom of your blog, an interesting and beautiful design.

  3. I’ve loved every version of this skirt I’ve seen and yours is no exception! Love the plaid and it’s colour.



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