Friday, December 7, 2018

Notes on a Pattern - McCall 7288 Part II

Today I'd like to share a few more tidbits  I purchased this pattern a couple of years ago, not knowing what fabric or what view I would make.  What I did know is I like the styles and hoped that the multiple cup patterns would eliminate some of my fit issues.

So, I decided to used this really cooll gradient fabric that I purchased from Fabric Mart last March.  It was sold by the panel and I only purchased three.  So I was a little short on fabric for cutting two back yokes and two collars on the fold.

No worries, though.  There was enough to cut one of each as two pieces.  I used the two-piece collar as the under collar and the two-piece back yoke for the inside yoke facing.  So it worked out.

This is such an easy pattern to sew, I thought of adding triangle shaped bound-buttonholes.  I had a couple of test.  But decided to just make regular ones.

The surface of the fabric is really beautiful.  Half of the panel has a raised gradient pattern from red to black.  The other half is solid black with a faux quilted texture.  In hind site, I wish I had gotten another panel for a skirt.

My likes include style and construction.

  • Collar variations 
  • Pleated back with band, view D
  • Length of views B and D; both elongate the body.  So I look slimmer.
  • The slight flare below the waist.  Gives the illusion of hips for me.
  • Back yoke added interest 
  • Princess seam front; added ease to making adjustments.
  • Sewing was super easy.  The jacket went together with no problem with the exception of the sleeve cap.  I fiddled with it and still was no able to get it as smooth as I would like.
My dislikes style:
  • One-piece sleeve.  I prefer a two-piece sleeve.  
  • Unlined.  
  • Too much ease in sleeve cap
Stay tuned for the final post of me wearing my jacket.

Parting Shots:  My nearly completed jacket.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love the jacket and that fabric is beautiful! Great job, can't wait to see you wearing it!

  2. That is a gorgeous jacket! That's one pattern that I didn't get, and wish I had- I bet it's going to look spectacular on you. Thanks for sharing your alterations with us. I have a lot of the same ones, so it's very helpful to see you how do it.

  3. I love, love, love how you used this fabric! Can't believe I let this one pass me by!

  4. Really a winner! The fabric works perfectly with your pattern. Fabulous!

  5. If you still have the selvage edge, you can enter the information in Google and see if a search turns up another panel or two. I've had to do this more than a couple of times and was quite surprised when I found what I was needing.



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