Thursday, January 31, 2019

Baby It's Cold Outside - But I'm Keeping Warm in Christine Jonson Funnel Neck Top -Travel Trio 2

On one of my calls to my mama earlier during the week.  She answered the phone singing to me,  "Baby it's cold outside."  Then she chuckled and asked how were we getting along with the cold weather.  Well we are getting along.  It's to be expected for the Chicagoland area.  It's the coldest in January and February.  But tomorrow we will get a heat wave, high in the 20's.  By the weekend it will be about 40 degrees.  I'm glad we are getting close to tolerable temps.

Living in the mid-west all of my life, I know what to expect during the months of January and February.  So for the month of January, my goal was to concentrate on making some separates to beef up my winter gear.  Sure I have some turtlenecks and warm pants ready in my closet, but many are worn and need to be replaced.  So last week, I make this cute little funnel neck top, pattern designed by Christine Jonson.

I bought all three of her Travel Trio patterns way back in 2011 when Rhonda created the Travel Trio Challenge for the Haute Couture Club 2011-2012 Fashion Show.  I only made the Travel Trio One.  This year I'm revisiting the Trio patterns to enhance my wardrobe.  They are great basics.

In Trio Two:
  • Funnel Neck top- close-fitting top with 3/4 length sleeves (with sleeve band) and funnel neck.
  • Wrap Skirt- semi-fitted skirt with self-fabric ties that wrap around the back and tie in the front skirt may be made reversible.
  • Hoodie- Hooded, loose-fitting jacket with long sleeves.  Jacket is fastened at top with button and self-fabric loop.  Jack may be made reversible.
Sizes 4 to 22; I used 14 with modifications

My Fabric is from FabricMart Fabrics.  It's a jersey poly/cotton knit with 30% 4-way stretch and great recovery.  Love it.  I still have about 2.5 yards left to make something else.

There are only three pattern pieces for the funnel neck top:  front/back, sleeve and sleeve band.  I didn't like the idea of using the one pattern for the front and back.  Because my front and back are different shapes and sizes.  So I traced off two copies of the front/back pattern and adjusted each for my body shape and measurements.

For the front, I wanted to test to see if I could get away again without making a bust dart.  So I adjusted the curve of the lower armscye and side above and at the bust area and tapered back to the size 14.

For the back I created a center back seam and made a swayback adjustments and adjusted the curve of the mid and lower armscye.

The sleeve doesn't have notched for the front and back.  I didn't like that either.  So I added them.  I think the shape of the front arm and back arm are different.  So for the back I added just a little more for the mid and lower armhole area.  The sleeve cap did not have the excessive amount of ease as the big four commercial patterns, which was a plus.  And the shoulder seam wasn't an inch too long either.  Two pluses.

Once I made my adjustments and cut out my funnel top, it took about 1.5 hours to make.  Super easy and all sewists can make it.

I really like how this funnel neck top turned out.  It's great for the winter; it keeps your neck and chest nice and warm.

Will I make it again.  You bet I will.  One of my goals this year is to look at ways to maximize the use of my patterns.  With this basic funnel neck top I could change the sleeve and/or make it into a simple knit dress.

More later on using this simple, but versatile pattern.

Happy Sewing!

Parting Shots:  My wearing Simplicity 8643


  1. Front and back the same? Why on earth would she do that? Well, regardless, your changes have made a very good fit. Love the fabric.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I wondered the same thing. But it was okay; I just create two separate pattern pieces with the changes.

  2. Both knit tops are gorgeous! Question, you noted in your review that you "wanted to eliminate adding a bust dart..." Do you normally put darts in your knit tops?

    1. Sometimes, yes. It depends on the style of the top/dress. See my other pattern reviews regarding the details. Thank you, C

  3. I have the same fabric as the first top you made! I like that you used it for a funnel neck top. Also, the second top is just beautiful on you!!

  4. It wouldn't be cold enough here for turtleneck on more than one or two days a year. Scarves make more sense. However I love your fitting experiments, and with all the fitting adjustments I have to make, you've inspired me to follow your lead and try to'maximize the use of my patterns' by focusing on getting good fit on basic items that I can then modify for lots of variations.

  5. The top with black and white is so perfect fitting and looks great. I really love the top with asymmetric hem and pleats with those mustard pants, the colors are fantastic and I bet that top would look great on lots of people.

  6. I've run into several patterns lately with the sleeve the same way - no difference between the front and back curves. I always remember Kenneth King saying "the back armhole has a shallower curve to allow the movement, and the front is deeper to accept it." So why wouldn't the upper sleeve curves mirror this? But I'd never make myself something that had the same bodice piece for the front and back! Wise changes you made - this top looks fabulous!

  7. You are amazing! Love the funnel top, pants and everything else,I have never used CJ patterns but you make me want to order them all today!



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