Saturday, July 6, 2019

Sew Cargo Crazy - The First Pair Simplicity 5102

Good afternoon Everyone!

These photos were taken minutes before posting my review of my first pair of cargo pants for the July Sew Cargo Crazy challenge.  Remember, last month I shared that my friend, Rhonda Buss of Rhonda Creative Life, and I will be sewing cargo pants like crazy using Simplicity S5102.

Yesterday morning, I went to my sewing studio to sew on the waistband and hem my pants all in an effort to have the pictures taken before my DD left for work.  Needless to say, I didn't finish in time.  So this morning we were out taking picture by 10:30am.  And it felt like 100 degrees in a sauna.  The humidity must be 100%.  Not the best day to be outside for a photo shoot.  Tee Hee!

Anyway, today is a great day to post my first pair of cargo pants.  For week one, I made View C with minor changes.

This pattern is vaguely described as misses' pants in two length and mini skirt. Thank God for pictures.  The illustration shows a much better description of what the pants look like.  It's comes in sizes 4 to 18.  Unfortunately, it is out of print, but I think you can find it at or on Etsy if you are interested. 

For my pants, I used size between 14 and 16.  And they are a little tighter than I like to wear my pants.  For the next pair I'll make size 16 for sure.

I really like all the design elements of all the views.  My only dislikes are that the pants zip in the center back, my favorite view is cropped, and there is no waistband.  Front fly zipper is my preferred closure,  and ankle length pants look better on me.  And cargo pants look better with a waistband, at least, to me.

Other changes:
  • With the front fly zipper, I decided to add a curved waistband.  No need to draft one.  I just used the waistband from McCall 5818.  I extended it a little to include a two button closure.
  • I machine sewed a 1.5" hem instead of finishing the hem with elastic.

My fabric is from Mood Fabrics:   Rag and Bone Dried Herb Mercerized Cotton Twill, #307312.  Great fabric to work with and is available.  Mood is having a 4th of July Weekend sale.  So it's $8.39 per yard instead of $11.99.

My next pair of cargo pants will have a few design changes.  I hoping to style them closer to the Mood Inspiration picture.

I took this picture in the garage for better lighting on the color.

The Sew Cargo Crazy challenge continues.  week two.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love them!!!
    My post just went up :)

  2. You're a pants fitting genius. These look so much better than any cargo pants I've ever seen! And I love the top you're wearing with them, too.

    1. Thanks, Marjie. I also wore this top on my flight to Sew Camp.

  3. So adorable! Can I ask whether the colour is khaki, I.e.has a bit of olive green, or beige? Thank you and enjoy wearing them. Abbey Sews

    1. Thanks, Abbey. Mood described the color as "dried herb". In real life olive green.



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