Monday, August 5, 2019

Paisley and Flowers, Black and White, and Simplicity 8015

Finally, I finished my FabricMart Fabric July sewing challenge.  If you've been following my post, this challenge was given to everyone that attended SewCamp 2019 in this past June.  We were given to July 31st to finish our projects.  But I needed a few more days to finish it.

I tried to make good use of the ombre effect - little at the top and bottom
I decided to make my daughter another dress using Simplicity 8015.  My pattern review information is here.  Having made the dress before saved me time on pattern adjustments and fitting a muslin.  I was able to go right to cutting out the dress and coming up with ways to improve the style of it.  I thought of adding some three-dimensional flowers to the bodice and maybe a few on the skirt.  Also, I plan to add some tulle, but didn't have enough.  For all intents and purposes, the dress is finished.  Embellishments can be easily added later if I decide to.

The challenge fabric is the floral black and white.    It is a polyester blend, I think. There is a little stretch in it.  The hand is smooth.

This is a modified longer version of the dress.  I thought more like tea length instead of ankle length.  The tulle would extend about four inches beyond the hem.  At least, that's what I'd originally planned to do.

Like the last dress, this one is fully lined with facings.  I really like the look of the facings with the lining.

Easy dress to make, and my daughter does like it even though she's no smiling in most of the pictures.  It was very hot, sunny, and humid today.

Parting Shot - We always that a few silly photos.  This one.., hmmm?  Air traffic personnel? Or to hot to let your arm down?  Anyway..,

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Sewing!


  1. It's so pretty! I love the fade to dark at the top and bottom of the skirt. (Last picture: Maybe your daughter just wanted to be 3 again and play airplane.)

    1. Thanks, Marjie. Tee Hee on the airplane. ;-)

  2. So very pretty, Cenetta. Your daughter is just wonderful to sew for. What a blessing! Love her shoes, too!

  3. great use of the border print fabric, very pretty.

  4. I loved how you used the fabric by adding another piece of fabric to it! It looks fabulous on your daughter!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I wanted something to soften the floral.



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