Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pockets Simplicity S8844

I changed the construction of the patch pocket for my Simplicity S8844 jacket, view A.  The original pocket is unlined, but I chose to line them instead.  Also, I didn't want to try to match the plaid.  So I cut them on the bias.  

Here are the steps that I used to make the plaid on plaid patch pocket.

I interfaced them to help maintain the shape.. Using the pocket pattern I cut the lining 1.25" shorter than the pocket.

Next, I stitched the upper edge of the pocket to the lining leaving an opening. Pressed the seam allowance forwards the lining. 

I Sewed the lining to the pocket starting at the top, making sure the seam allowance is sewn 5/8" all the way around.  Note- For curved pockets, I sew one side halfway around, then flip it to sew the other side sewing slightly passed the end of the previous stitch. 

Next, I trimmed the seam allowance at the curve and notched the edge. Then, I turned the pocket to the right side, using a pointer creaser to make sure the pocket is completely turned out. While pressing I slightly rolled the pocket to the inside to help reduce the possibility of the lining showing on the outside.

Next I stitched the opening closed. Pressed again. Pinned the pocket in place. 

Next step, I usually base it in place and then machine sew.  That's it.

Happy Sewing!



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