Thursday, November 11, 2021

Brocade Holiday Skirt - Vogue V1725

I started this project with the idea of making the dress, Vogue 1725, View B.  After struggling with trying to make a FBA, I decided to make a skirt to wear with a top of a different fabric.  See previous post. The bodice of the dress after the adjustment, just wasn't flattering.  


The skirt of the dress did not call for a lining.  I added one because the brocade is not completely opaque.  The lining was cut about 2.5" shorter than the skirt even along the curved high section.  I didn't want it to show.  The skinny waistband is about 2.5" wide and completely interfaced.  And I omitted the pockets.

What I liked about the skirt is the fullness of it and the high/low style.  That's actually why I purchased the pattern.  For this version, the brocade makes it extra special and perfect for a holiday or special event outfit.

My fabric is from Minerva Fabrics UK.  It is a lovely brocade that either side of the fabric can be used.   It all depends on whether you want more gold or more black in your outfit. I chose more black. 

I'm glad I was able to get something out of the pattern despite the unflattering altered bodice.  In hindsight, I could have used another bodice already tried and true (TNT).  Anyway, I was able to get a nice  outfit.

So, what are you planning to make for the holiday season?

Happy Sewing!

Sorry the pictures are a little grainy and dark.  


  1. Gorgeous! A statement skirt is perfect for holiday dressing. You'll probably get much more wear out of it than you would have from the dress.

  2. Such a beautiful classy outfit for the holidays! I love the way you styled it and modelled it. Great sewing!

  3. What an entrance you'll make! Absolutely stunning.

  4. Beautiful brocade! It looks wonderful on you with the velvet top.

  5. Beautiful! I agree. Ths skirt has a long future ahead and looks lovely on you.



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