Thursday, September 14, 2023

Minerva Fabrics - Crinkle Seersucker Dress Vogue V1672

All done with the second dress using Vogue V1672.  I like this version better than the last.  The striped seersucker makes this the perfect summer dress.  As I said before, I didn't have to do any major fit adjustments to the pattern, only a little tweak here and there as I sewed along.

This version I did make a few little changes from the last. 

  • Installed a lapped zipper
  • Completely lined the dress using broadcloth 
  • Made a rolled hem on the lining and the dress
  • Eliminated the sleeves and finished the armholes with a bias binding

That's it on the changes.

Typically, I do not purchase pink  fabric.  This one was a surprise.  The description was Crinkle Seersucker - Red.  It is more pink than red.  It turned out just fine.  This shade of pink is good on me.  Most pinks make me look gray. 

If you want to know my fit adjustments, Read my previous blog posts:  here.

So, that is all for now.

Happy Sewing!


  1. It is just perfect!!!

  2. I absolutely luv it! sewing for me has taken a back burner to quilting but it's time to swap out those burners🤣

  3. This looks really lovely, and beautifully sewn.

  4. What a great dress. This fits you very well. The color and stripes look great. I have this pattern and have not made it yet, overthinking the type of fabric to use. This seersucker looks wonderful. Enjoy wearing this dress!!



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