Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quintessential Little Black Dress

The Quintessential Little Black Dress is always on trend.   It's an easy solution for most occasions.  The selection of RTW styles is endless.   There is something for every age and every lifestyle.  But of course, most of my followers make their own LBD's.  So, how many LBD's does a lady need?

This year I made two, and it's only February.  Both dresses were made using patterns previously reviewed.  So I won't re-review them.  Details on the reviews are here (B5672) and here (S2054).

Sorry, I only have one picture of me wearing my new LBD, but I managed to get a few more indoor shots of DD in her new dress.

For my dress, I purchased a burnout stretch velvet.  I wanted to make a dress to wear to the American Opera Society Gala last December. I did not make it until early January.   I used a nude knit lining, hoping it would show through the burnout section of the velvet.  No luck.

DD's dress is made from a textured knit from my stash.  Anyway, we both have a new LBD to add to our wardrobe.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Beautiful! What a great idea -- I'm glad you're posting about LBD's -- I had rather forgotten about them.

  2. Beautiful dresses and a beautiful daughter ,just like her mother.

  3. Those are both very beautiful. I especially like your velvet burnout.

  4. Two very lovely dresses - I think the burnout shows up beautifully. Ooh, and your shoes are gorgeous!!

  5. Beautiful ladies in beautiful LBDs! Wonderful results!

    Happy highways,

  6. Two lovely dresses for lovely Ladies.

  7. Well, you couldn't have looked more sensational at the AOS gala. Beautiful dress. Where did you get the fabric? BTW, Miss DD is looking over the top incredible :)

  8. these are both amazing! so beautiful & really chic looking :)

  9. Thank you for your wonderful comments. RhondaBuss - I bought the fabric at my JoAnn Fabrics.
    Thanks again,

  10. Two fabulous LBD's and you and your DD look FABULOUS wearing them! A big CONGRATULATIONS is in order..."Mood Sewing Network Blogger"! WERK!

  11. Both mother and daughter look AMAZING in their dresses! The velvet burnout dress is quite spectacular!!!



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