Saturday, September 23, 2017

Draped Cowl Sleeve - Rhonda Buss Sleeve

Top made by Rhonda Buss

Early summer I posted a blog on four sleeves designed by Rhonda Buss that I want to try.  This week I started with drafting the draped cowl sleeve.  I want to make a dress and top with this sleeve.  Rhonda makes it so easy to do.  I was able to complete my first attempt in less than an hour from coping a basic sleeve using McCall 6963.  I'll use the draped front to following the design of Rhonda's top.

I'm not going to trouble you with repeating the steps that Rhonda shared in her tutorial.  So here is the link to it.  

In pictures, here is how I did it.

I posted my test on Instagram and Rhonda gave me a helpful tip on enhancing the drape by spreading the cap of the sleeve.  I will to do that.  But for now, this is my first attempt.

Happy Sleeve Drafting!


  1. Your top is looking good so far! Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog, and following me on Instagram. I am following you too! :)

  2. I've seen the final creation and it's beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda. The dress and top are posted.



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