Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Eyes Closed Shut in Simplicity 4112

I cannot for the life of me figure out why my DD always has her eyes closed when I trying to take pictures.  This time I decided to go ahead with the posting, instead of taking more pictures again.

Another early spring 2018 project finally making it to the blog.  The (S4112) pattern is out of print, but still fashionable.  When I approached her with the idea to make a blouse, I was aiming for the another view pictured on the envelope.  She favored the second view.  So that what I made.

She is wearing it with a denim skirt that I made for my sister many years ago.  (No review on that today.)  

Simplicity gives sparse descriptive information.  All is stated is misses shirt and sash.  I will add Nehru or mandarin collar, button up with two sleeve variations.  Sizes 4 to 20.  I used size 12 with modifications.  

This was a fairly easy blouse to sew.  The instructions were typical and I did not see anything confusing in them.  There are a few pattern flaws and construction steps that I'd like to point out.  But first, I must say that this is a wearable muslin.  Because I didn't make one; I should have all things considered.

  • The front and back pattern length are different.  Matching up the notches, the back is slightly longer than the front.
  • There is more ease in the neckline.  I made it work by easing, soft gathering to make it fit.
  • There is some pulling at the neckline.  That could be due to my daughter's square shoulders.  Something that I have adjusted in the past, but some how forgot for this project.
  • The armhole has more curve in it than expected, considering setting/curve of the sleeve, even with gathers, if that makes sense.
I like the sleeve variations and the longer hemline with the sash.
No real dislike beyond the small things mentioned above.

The fabric that I used came from Vogue Fabrics in Evanston.  I think I bought it a few years ago.  It's a lightweight cotton blend.  Easy to sew and press.  Perfect for a button up shirt.

I doubled the front facing to help support the buttonholes and buttons.  To make the buttonholes, I sewed each once then again to get a nice even stitching.

The minor flaws are just that; easy to correct.  So this is a pattern that I would consider using again for her and maybe myself.  I have two copies. 

Anyway, this one is a short review on a pretty simple blouse to sew.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Very pretty! I like to double stitch my BHs too. I like that more satiny look to them. I didn't notice her eyes closed until you mentioned it. She's darling.

  2. Lovely blouse - I have the same issue with shutting my eyes for pictures as did my mom ūü§™-
    Most of the time I look like a deer in the headlights or I wear sunglasses
    Blouse is adorable n your daughter

  3. Your daughter looks so pretty in that color!


  4. Your daughter looks so pretty, even with her eyes closed. I think you did a wonderful job on the blouse!

  5. I agree with Vanessa, your daughter looks so cute with her eyes closed! And she looks phenomenal in this beautiful colored pink blouse! If you didn’t mention any “minor“ flaws, no one would ever see them!



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