Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New Athleisure with Simplicity S9210

I proclaimed that I will burn all of my "highly worn" athleisure and lounge wear when Covid-19 is under control.  These outfits have been worn every week since there are very few places to go.  I joke about it with family and friends, often calling this set of outfits Covid-19 wear.  

Truth be told, I'm anxious get out of this "rut".  I want to get back to going to book club, Haute Couture club, and other gathering places that I enjoy.

Anyway, back to athleisure and lounge wear.  Athleisure is trending, and there are dozens of pattern designs available. Because I'm going to need replacements very soon, I decided to make a few new ones. My first outfit is made using Simplicity S9210.  It has seven views; a complete wardrobe of lounge wear include slippers.  From the picture on the envelope, these coordinates are designed for home wear.  But these designs can be also crafted for outfits to wear running errands to running in the park.

Simplicity describes the pattern as:  Misses' lounge tops, dress, shorts, pants and booties.  It is also described as "easy to sew".  The pattern is available in sizes XS to XXL. I used size large with modifications.

My views of A and F look pretty much like the basic design lines.  I did make a few changes.  

The construction is described as easy to sew.  Really it is.  I read the instruction when I first bought the pattern.  They were typical and easy to follow.  During my construction process I only glance at them.  

There are several things to like about the pattern:

  • Complete wardrobe in one envelope
  • Coordinates easy to construct
  • The pattern has pretty good bones
  • Comfy
I really don't have any real dislikes.  

My fabric is from a new company to me.  This was my first time ordering from them.  ISee Fabrics
They specialize in organic fibers.  They have great French terry and ribbed knits. I pre-shrunk my fabrics before cutting into it.  It washed well and sewed up with no problems.  The French terry is soft and comfortable.  I will purchase from them again.

  • ViewA -
    • Added an inch or so to the sleeve length.
    • This view does not have the front pocket, but I wanted a front pocket for this hoodie.  I also added an inch to the bottom of the pocket.
    • Used contrasting ribbed knit for the cuffs and waistband.
  • Observation - I used size large.  I could have used between the medium and large at the neck and below the bust area.   The hoodie is huge.  Not a problem; just an observation.

  • View F -
    • Lengthen the pants a few inches.  
    • I used ribbed knit for the waistband and the cuffs.
    • Added elastic to the waistband.  I wanted to maintain the width.  I omitted the top stitches below the waistband.
    • Added pockets: in-seam and back.  I used the in-seam pocket from another pattern and cut the back pocket without a pattern.
  • Observation - The legs of the pants are more close fitting than mine.  The cuffs had to be stretched quite a bit to match the hem of the pant leg.

None of the observations created any obstacles with making the set.  They are just notes for what I experienced with making view A and F.  

I like how my new athleisure set turned out.  I'm sure I get plenty of wear out of it.  And I do recommend the pattern to others who are interested in replacing or adding to their athleisure wear.  This was a fun outfit to make.  I actually wore it yesterday.  I have lunch with a very good friend of mine most Mondays.  Yes, even in the face of Covid-19 we have tried to keep our standing lunch date.   So these days, we call the order in and bring it back to my house to eat.

So, I hope this review is helpful.  Thank you for stopping by my little place in cyberspace.

Happy Sewing!


  1. You made a very nice job of this. I like how it looks on you. I enjoy following your blog, I think we are roughly the same size and have similar fitting issues. Also the same taste in clothes! All the best to you.

  2. Love this outfit. The fabric and colors are wonderful on you.

  3. I really like your color and motif combo. It’s funny, I love reading about others making things out of knits but I rarely sew any. I am always grateful to find out about a new fabric company and am going to jump over now and take a gander.

  4. Very nice! I think pandemic wear or not this is very comfortable and you'll enjoy it a lot. And yes, I want to get back to book club too. I am a member of a mystery book club and it loads of fun to get together with these ladies.

  5. Thanks for the reference to this new-to-me-too fabric source! Their prices are very reasonable! Your outfit is lovely and I loved that you used a wild print for the hoodie.



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