Friday, March 12, 2021

Sweater Knits - A Difference In Sizing Burda Style 6990

Of course,  you all already know that all knits are not alike.  Sometimes I have to remind myself. Especially when I'm making multiple versions of a given pattern.  Way back in January, I made two turtleneck tops using sweater knits from So Sew Fabrics.  The graduated color knit is just a basic weave sweater knit with a slightly course hand and about 30 percent stretch.  While the tan ribbed sweater knit is very soft and has about 60 percent stretch.

My original plan was to make the Burda Style 6990 turtleneck top for me and my daughter.  I traced off size large for me and medium for DD.  Of course, I wanted the brown knit for myself; and DD gladly took the tan ribbed knit.  As it turned out, my top was perfect.  But when DD tried on her top, it looked like she was wearing my top. Lol

So I tried it on. It fits me almost perfectly.  The armsyce needed a little adjustment.  I ended up with two new turtleneck tops.  Unfortunate for DD. Lol  I'll make her something later.

These new turtlenecks fit into my brown wardrobe capsule.  They go well with pull-on pants and jeans.  I'm pictured wearing the brown top with my TNT Vogue V8859 pull-on pants.  I love this pattern.

No pictures of me wearing the second top yet.  I hope to post that soon.

Notes on the pattern -

This was a very easy top to sew.  I especially like the cut on the sleeve.  It fit well under the arm and looks good in the shoulder area.  This pattern does have great bones.  I could make a hundred of these.

There is nothing complicated or confusing about the construction of the top.  And it has three other views that look great too.  I think I will also try the shawl collar view.

Parting Shots:  Because it was a sunny day, we wanted to take some pictures outside.  But it was windy and cold.  Anyway, we tried.  I couldn't keep a straight face or hold a good pose.  So here are a few fun/silly shots.

Happy Sewing!




  1. Well that worked out well for you!

    1. Yes, it did. I think for my DD I need to go down a size, XS. We will see. In the meantime, lucky me. ;-)

  2. Exactly why fitting knits is such a pain. The many knit Indie patterns with included FBA fronts and very specific stretch requirements were a revelation. Good enough fit (not perfect because none go up to my G/H cup size - even Cashmerette's is not enough), but stretch covers a myriad of sins 🤪🤣

  3. Yes, fitting knits can be challenging. As you said, the stretch can be a life saver. ;-)

  4. Halfway through reading this, I realized I had this pattern but have never made it. Thinking back, I think I wanted View E to wear over jeans. I do shy away from knits, in general and maybe you hit the nail on the head. The stretch thing drives me to distraction. I love your graduated brown knit so much. Question: did you make this on a serger?

    1. Hi Terri, thank you for commenting. It is a good idea to use the stretch Guage on the back of the pattern to help select a knit for the garment. I do use it most of the time. It can be confusing sometime. You also need to consider pattern sizing, fabric recovery, and how you want it to fit.

      For both turtlenecks I used a sewing machine and serger.

      Thanks, C

  5. It is such a pretty top on you!

  6. The outdoor action shots show off the sweater better than than stills, especially the second one. Being "silly"? I would say being real. Who wears clothes just to stand and pose, except maybe models?
    I am here from Rhonda's blog.



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