Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Notes On A Pattern - New Look NL6560

Today I wanted to share my pattern fit adjustments of a recent project for Minerva Fabrics.  I actually made these adjustments a few years ago and made a top using New Look 6560, view D.  That top was gifted to my sister, and I didn't think about blogging the details about the project.

This month Minerva is hosting a challenge using New Look patterns.  I decided to use this one because it was ready for use.   My goal is to share the pattern adjustments in case another sewist is planning to try the pattern that may need to make similar fit adjustments. 


There is a lot going on with these two pattern pieces.  First, I made the FBA on the front rotating the side dart to the gathers above the bust.  Zoom in to see details.  Along the neckline about where the two front pieces intersect, I made a 1/2 inch tuck to reduce gapping at above the bust and in the neckline.  

For the front facing, I added length based on the FBA on the front blouse.  I also made the same tuck to make sure the pieces matched.  As you can see, the lower part of the facing is wider than the upper part.  That's ok.  But you can widen the rest of it as well making sure you do the same to the back facing.

Next, I added the same amount of length to the flounce to make sure it matched up with the front and the facing.

Prominent Shoulder Blades

I simply sliced the pattern from the shoulder seam to the hem to add the desired width.  To true up the shoulder seam, I added a small dart.  The vertical back/waist darts is slightly wider too.  But these can be adjusted as needed.  

I didn't do my usual sway back adjustment because I will wear this top with a belt. 

Note:  This top is really short.  I added about two inches to the bottom of the front, back and front facing.  Check the length to make sure it long enough for you. 

So that's all for the adjustment on this pattern.

Stay tuned!



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