Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Easy Breezy Summer Dress - McCall M7405


It is a steamy 102 degrees in the Chicagoland area.  At least where I live.  HOT! HOT!

Summer is definitely here.  So instead of complaining, dress appropriately.  Rayon Guaze from Joann's Fabrics is the perfect match for McCall's M7405 Easy dress.  I could easily have a dozen of these comfy dresses in my wardrobe.  It's perfect for any occasion.   

This pattern has been out for a while.  I never noticed it until my fellow sewists across the Instagram platform started posting their beautiful dresses.  And of course, I had to get on the bandwagon too.  ;-)

McCall's pattern description:  Loose-fitting, sleeveless, pullover dresses have neckline gathers, back neck slit and hemline variations.  C: Belt, and side slit. D: Elasticized waist.

I didn't follow any of the versions as indicated on the envelope.  I did my own thing.  My version is view B with elasticized waist and belt.  I used between large and medium sizes. 

Basically, my dress does look like the drawings "combined". Tee Hee.  This is how I wanted my dress to look.  I often think of patterns as being templates to help me design the project I have invision.

The instructions were super easy, and I did not encounter any confusing steps.

This pattern is very easy to like and very forgiving on the figure.  My likes are it was easy to sew, stylish, and versatile.  I was so excited sewing it together and couldn't wait until I was done.  No dislike to note.  However, I made a few little changes.

One thing I was concerned with was how it would fit in the bust area.  I didn't want to experience any gapping at the lower armhole.  Luckily there wasn't any.  But the armhole was a bit too low.  So, I brought it up about 2 inches.   Also, after I sewed the sides, it was too big in the upper portion of the dress.  I just tweaked it a little until it was right for me.  Another small change I made was the placement of the elastic.  I tied the belt around my waist to act as a marker.  Then I used a mirror and safety pins to mark that location in the back and used needle and thread to run a base stitch around the front.  In the end, my elastic waist placement is very different from the front and back of the dress.  But you cannot tell when I have the dress on.  So, it works for me.  After making the change, I also thought about the placement of the elastic in general as it can be lower or higher depending how you want to style the dress.  The final little change was with the bias tape to create the elastic casing.  I used a strip of fabric to make my own casing to match the dress.

As I stated earlier, my fabric is from JoAnn's Fabrics.  They have a nice selection of cotton guaze in a variety of colors and prints.  I loved this floral print.  It was easy to sew and a great choice for a summer dress.

You know I will sew this dress again.  I like it a lot!  ;-)  It is designed for beginners.  So all level sewists could make it with no problem.  This ends my little pattern review for this one!

Happy Sewing!




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