Friday, February 8, 2008

Cadena Mode

Yesterday I decided to stop by Fishman's Fabrics to pick up my "reserved copy" of Cadena Mode. To my surprise, the woman that I spoke to had not reserved my copy. While talking to another sales rep, a reserved copy became available. The customer decided she didn't want it. I was thrilled.

This is my first time actually buying a copy. Previous issues were given to me by a sale rep who used to assist me when I brought clients in to shop for prom dress fabric and notions. A few years ago he officially opened his own tailoring shop and is no longer with Fishman's.

Cadena Mode magazine sells for $25 if purchased at Fishman's. And the catalog with swatches sells for $100. In recent years Fishman's has experienced a decline in the market for Cadena Mode. This season they received 50 mags and about 20 catalogs. Fishman's is a Cadena distributor for other fabric stores; one in Canada and I think the other in Michigan. So there are very few mags/catalogs left for the general public unless you pre-order a copy. I asked the sale rep if it were possible for people outside of Illinois to reserve a copy and what would encourage the owner to request more copies. She suggested that individuals contact the owner regarding their desire to receive/reserve copies of Cadena Mode.

Fishman's Fabrics

I also went online to find other distributors. Here are two sites that offer subscriptions. The mag is published bi-annually (spring and fall). It is loaded with beautiful garments. The photography is outstanding. All fabrics used to create the garments can be purchased through their catalog house.
Mag Shop

Oprny Company
Here are a few of my favorites from this issue. Enjoy!


  1. The styles you choose are stunning and beautiful

  2. I use to purchase this catalog every now and again from the newsstands in NYC and notice that it is still available. You have picked out some really interesting designs will you be making any of them?

  3. These are all beautiful. I especially like the white/trim "Chanel" looking dress. Thanks for posting these pictures and information on the catalogue.It looks like it would be a great inspiration book :) Ann

  4. Carolyn, I'm more interested in the theme or the trend of some fashion. I would probably make the channel type dress or/and some of the day wear. This issue features a lot fluid floral, butterfly motifs, black and white, bold colors, stripes just to name a few. I think I'll use some features as inspiration for what I may make during the spring and fall.

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful picture from your mag.I can't wait to see how they inspire you in your sewing.

  6. Great inspiration! I especially like the white button up dress with trim.

  7. Very inspirational. It has been a long time since I have seen or even thought about the catalog.

  8. oh I'm so disappointed that Fishmans has sold out already. I just talked to Greg F and he suggested I contact Cadena directly to buy the book. ;(

    Thanks for posting the these styles. I love their catalogue.
    ya know, the trend I'm seeing is 80's. all over the place. Do you see it too?

  9. oh!
    That golden jacket on top and the Blue wrap skirt!

  10. Thank you for your post, I also have tried to get the magazine and the swatch book and have been unable to obtain it even though I was supposedly put on a waiting list. With the number of people who are interested I would think they would try and accommodate the public.



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