Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playing Catch Up

It is days like today when I really appreciate the benefit of working for a technical/functional support unit. Occasionally, I have the opportunity to work from home. All I need is a computer, a phone, and access to all systems that help support our users. I don't have to "dress" for work, no rush hour traffic, and lunch from my very own kitchen. sweet.


My team has started traveling again. Travel days can be at most a 16 hour work day depending on the circumstance and the distance. For me it takes awhile to recover, but it's all part of getting the job done. Most of my travel is to the Urbana campus with an occasional trip to Springfield. No travel to Rockford and Peoria for at least 2 1/2 years. We also usually meet at two of three extensions sites to discuss best practices for the use of our application. Recently, I have had the benefit of traveling to more than our typical milk run. Last month I traveled to New York City. Upcoming trips to Philadelphia, PA and Naples, FL. I won't get my hopes up for a chance to shop in Philly. It's a one night, one day, trip. I will have a chance to shop and visit some local attractions while in Naples. It's the annual user group meeting (4 days) hosted by our product vendor.

Bringing my New Year's Resolution to Life


No sewing, but plenty of reading and gathering of materials/information. I subscribe to a few sewing and fashion mags. So I been playing catch on the latest trends and styles. I've also purchased several books, one is the most recent publication of Vogue Sewing. I already own the 1982 version and thought the new book would offer new information. Not really.., The most noticeable changes/updates were the layout of the book and the order of the chapters. My copy is a hard cover the new one is paperback. My preference is the older version which comes with several photos to illustrate a style or technique discussed in the book. I decided to give the latest publication to my niece who is learning to sew. I think it is a must have for anyone who sews.

Several people have ask if I would sew for them this spring/summer season; to most I said not at this time. Three I answered yes to. With their permission, I will post my activities.

This month I've been actively pursuing the goals that I set at the beginning of the year. My book list is at least 20 publications long. Not all are sewing related, but include crocheting, knitting, and cooking. So far I've snagged:

My Crocheted Projects:

I haven't started to practice what I'll learned about sewing leather. Most of the recommended equipment and supplies (Sewing with Leather and Suede) I already have, but there still a few items I want to purchase before testing my ability. Karen suggested that I practice using leather goods purchased from a resale shop before buying a new piece of leather. I have two old leather jackets that I can use. BTW- Karen just finished a beautiful black leather jacket.

Workshops, Expos, Groups

Marji recommended the Stitches Midwest Convention (Rosemont, IL) held in the summer. I did not find any 2008 event postings on the net. It may be too early. Previous conventions were held at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. Attending an Expo was also highly recommended by Carolyn.

So Sew Lost recommended Meetup. There are a variety of groups that use this site to solicit new members and organize club activities. I found one knitting/crochet group of interest: South Suburban Knitting and Crochet Group , Matteson, IL. The meeting place is about 10 miles from where I live.

Finally, I'm still considering the ASG . I haven't made up my mind, but I plan to participate in at least one of them.

Blog Reading

There are so many interesting blogs. I simply can't keep up with all the latest news. Of course, the sewing blogs are my favorites, but I also read, crocheting/knitting, cooking, thinking, political, and beauty blogs.


Fishman's Fabrics has a lot of their fine wools, cotton, and silks on sale. I pick up two nice pieces on Monday afternoon. I had been skying them for about three weeks hoping they would reduce them some more. Each pieces is about 2 yds long and sold for $10.00/yd regularly $29.95/yd. Fishman's has some of the most beautiful fabrics; they also have some "beautiful" prices.

I picked a few notions at the President's sale (JoAnn's and Hancock's). Brought yearns at Walmart. That's it on shopping.


  1. OMG, you have got a lot going on right now, wow. love the crochet so beautiful and the fabric,, yum!!!

  2. Sounds like you are in a real planning stage. I'll bet that you will start pumping out the fashion and other crafts at high speed. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. You are fast becoming one of my sewing muses!

  3. I can understand what you are going thru with "no"sewing :)
    Just seems like there is no time after everything else gets done in the run of a day. I'm hoping to change that soon and get back to sewing....but in the mean time I do the same,collect information read and browse blogs when time permits :) .... "Play catch up"
    Your crocheted projects are very nice.

  4. If it ends up looking like you'll have any shopping time at all in Philly, let me know. PR Weekend is special because I get to shop with my fellow addicts, but I'd love a mid-year opportunity. karen6790 @ msn . com

  5. You’ve got a great collection of reference books. I will say you’ve go your crochet mojo going – like the FOs and the crochet hats are so addictive. I checked out Karen’s site and was blown away by the leather jacket she made… - superb sewing skills.

  6. I understand you. When you work full-time and have so many other responsibilities sometimes it is so hard to get your sewing mojo. Catching up with your reading is a way to jump start your sewing

  7. Great book selection.Wow, you've done some cool crochet projects! You make me want to pick up my hook again.

  8. Glad to have you back!!I am loving your crocheted projects!!And the fabric is beautiful!
    I am going to have to check out that meeting up website!

  9. You've been busy!!

    I hope you can carve out some shopping time in Philly and hit up Fabric Row and Jo-Mar for fabrics. They have late evening hours, too.

    Angie R.

  10. So glad you're back! I was wondering if we were going to have to put up a cyber billboard, "Where is Cennetta" :) ! It stinks when life interferes with sewing and our other crafts, and I can't wait to see what projects you're coming up with next.

  11. I love sewing books too!!! I took a crochet class and made a little dish towel ok.. but then tried to do a easy crochet pattern by myself and it was not good!!! Your stuff looks SO good!! makes me want to pick up a hook and try again!

  12. You are really adding to your book collection! And the crocheted pieces are beautiful! I totally understand about life getting in the way...its happened to me too!

  13. Hello all,I'm not really into sewing,but listening to you talk about it does stimulate my interest.Keep us updated on your
    sewing projects.
    - garry b

  14. Thanks everyone.

    Angie - Thanks for suggesting some stores for fabric shopping. I hope I can steal away for a few hours. My manager has already scheduled a luncheon meeting for Thursday afternoon.

    Karen - I hope we can get together on Thursday. Friday is a all day conference.

  15. Love your crochet projects. Can you tell me what stitch you used for the first white hat? I'm really getting into crocheting. I've started a sweater.

  16. Nice to see your blog Cennetta! How come I don't get to work with anybody like you? I also work for a large university heavy into research, and I'm in IT, on a support function team. There's nobody at my job doing the kind of sewing you are doing! Ha, we'd probably spend too much time talking and comparing projects.
    Keep strong, you'll get that mojo going!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Sewlove - Thanks. Like you I like to crochet. The stitch is a combination of chain and third double crochet. Tomorrow I will send you the pattern that I used for the cap and scarf.

    A Little Sewing on the Side -Thanks for the drive by. Sorry you don't have someone on your team to trade story with. And we probably would spend too much time talking sewing. Tee Hee. BTW- the mojo is back. I've been working on three projects the past two weekends. I'll post something soon. Happy Sewing and Crocheting!

  19. Your crocheting is awesome. Esp. that hat and scarf combo. Too cute!



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