Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sewing Mojo Still Aloof

Oh where oh where has my little mojo gone?!
Oh where oh where can it be?!
Every time I think I found it; it suddenly disappears again. It's winter and there is nothing unexpected about it for the Chicagoland area. It's very cold and we have gotten a lot of snow. Tonight we expect another 8 to 12 inches. Needless to say, this is my least favorite time of the year. Somehow the "blurrr" of Chicago, work activities, and the flurry of needed alterations has caused me to misplace my sewing mojo several times. Every time I find it, some task manages to distract me and I lose it again.
Before leaving for Champaign-Urbana the infamous flu bug bit me. I've been fighting it for days now. Thursday and Friday were spent working from home which was great. It gave me a little more rest time as I didn't have to fight the rush hour traffic to and from work.
Saturday, my media service group video-taped a wedding. And Sunday, of course, I went to church and then dinner.
Monday, work. But in the evening I was determined to catch my elusive sewing mojo for at least a moment. Even though I was tired as you know what. I managed to finish the edges of one dress and a pair of slacks before collapsing onto my bed. The goal is to finish both pieces by the weekend.
Next week I will travel to NY with several of my colleagues for a site visit. I'm hoping to steal away for an hour or two to shop for fabric..., hoping.
Happy Sewing!


  1. Well you are not the only one whose sewing mojo is elusive. I have 9 apron to sew for a baby shower and a blouse for my daughter, boy i just don't feel like it. Coming to New York, how nice keep me posted, I will love to meet up with you

  2. Oh, I so understand what you're going through! I keep hoping mine will return!! Maybe Presidents' Day weekend (fingers crossed).

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I've had something since last week. However, I do feel much better. I've been working on the hems of six pair of pants for my sister. Coming slowly, but getting there. And you won't believe what someone called and asked me to do the other night! Make some cheerleader uniforms!!!! But before the question was fully out in the open, she said I could say no, and I did! LOL Hope your mojo comes back soon!

  4. I think just being tired and not feeling well is enough to quell anyone's motivation to do much of anything.
    Rest, chicken soup, and some veging out with magazines, not even looking for the old mojo might be better than trying to force it. Anyway, I can't imagine anything better than an afternoon spent in NYC fabric shopping to stimulate the creative urge.
    Get well.

  5. Mojos come and go. I say, don't force it. If you're not into it, sometimes you just need to step away and get rejuvenated. The motivationt sew will return when you're ready.

  6. Ladies, I've been doing exactly as you suggested, getting rejuvenated. No sewing rest and food; very little reading. I've been going to bed directly after dinner. My mom seems to think I don't eat enough and work too much. Only part of that is true. lol

    Jackie- I'm getting better with saying NO. Can't be all things to all people.

    Alethia - send me an e-mail. So we can discuss my NY trip "off line".

  7. Hpoe you are feeling better soon!!I also hope that you get your sewing mojo back also.
    We have been getting a lot of snow here in Michigan also.



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