Monday, July 11, 2016

Better Than Leggings - Burda 6879 and Mood's Beefy Sateen with Stretch

I consider myself one fortunate soul.  Each month I have an opportunity to select from a huge inventory of gorgeous fabrics at Moods online fabric store.  This month I'm pleased to showcase my second pair of Burda 6879 made with Mood's Theory Elmwood Stretch Cotton Sateen.  It's all around beautiful:  the texture, the ease of sewing, the look.  This lovely sateen is a medium weight sateen elastane/cotton blend.  It has a soft hand with a silky finish.  It wears easy and is not binding.  The weight is sturdy enough to make a curved waistband that cradles your waist.  Beautiful that supports in all the right places. I bought this textile several months ago and it is still in stock.  This is a must have staple fabric and I'd recommend that you grab a few yards for that perfect structure jacket or jean style skirt.  And oh yeah, a pair of slim pants like the ones I've made. 

One of my goals this summer is to sew more pants and woven tops.  So I decided to take a look at some of my UFO's lurking in the recesses of my sew room before starting new projects.  And behold what did I find, my second pair of Burda 6879 cut and all ready to sew. 

After making my first pair, also with Mood fabric, I immediately wanted more of the same style pants. So I ordered this sateen.  Between the large array of colors and prints there is something for everyone.

Initially, I had decided not to review the the lime and white shirt that I'm wearing with the pants.  This was also cut and ready to sew months ago.  But I changed my mind.  I at least wanted to tell the story about how it went from cute vintage shirt (Simplicity 1166) to pajama top.

In my creative little mind, I thought it would be great to add piping.  And so I did: collar, front, and armhole.   In the process of doing so, my sister comes by.  She joins me in the sewing room.  She says, "So you are making pajamas."  Me..., UGG!! Suddenly, the shirt that I thought was coming along nicely, looked like pajamas.  So I quickly, added darts trying to give it shape.  Well, it still looks like pajamas according to my sewing buddies :-(

Oh well, I'll make some pajama shorts and call it a day ;-)  Anyway, the fabric is a lovely cotton-lycra shirting by Ralph Lauren.  It's still available as well.

Also pictured with Princeton Silk Twill top.

Happy Sewing!


  1. The piping looks great - you have some of the nicest pj's around! LOL!

  2. Love the pants. They look great on you. I'll be picking up that pattern today.

  3. Your sewing work is extraordinary!! Nice job!

  4. Uh, no it doesn't look like pajamas. I love the pants. Great fit and the design features are wonderful.

  5. These are fantastic and I love the details on the pants!



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