Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes it takes me awhile to incorporate my Christmas gifts into my other belongings.  Last week was the second phase of this process.  I'd put all my small bagged treasures in one area of my room to look at and to admire after everything had settle back to normal.

I received three little golden bags, each containing a handcrafted beaded insect.  These treasurers were made by one of my daughter's good friends, Melissa. Her gifts were totally unexpected.

You see Melissa is currently unemployed and has struggled with finding a job.  You would think that this smart cookie, who graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago would have no trouble finding a job.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.

But the lack of money did not stop Melissa from spreading the Christmas cheer.  With seed beads, she delightfully weaved many gifts to give at Christmas time.  I'm one of those lucky recipients.  And I had to share this act of kindness.  So many times, people are sad during the holidays because they are unable to give gifts.  Melissa and others, do found creative ways to make their own.  These gifts are the most priceless.  Simply because they took the time and effort with little resource to found a way to give something special.  I thought it necessary to share this act of kindness. 

I decided to make mine little bugs wearable art.  I'll add some felt and a brooch pin to the underside and proudly wear them on my jacket lapel or on the shoulder.

Anyway, like I said, I just wanted to share this act of kindness by Melissa.

Have a great day!


  1. What a sweet and positive young lady.

  2. Best wishes to Melissa on landing a gig. :fingers crossed:

    Those are amazingly beautiful! I especially love the bee and SO SMART to turn them into broaches!

  3. Lovely little creatures. A friend of mine was broke, and expected to give several thank you gifts to people who had mentored her.... she was panicking. It occurred to me, her Mom could spare a quite a few fresh strawberries, and little strawberry tarts would be a great gift. They loved them.
    Hooray for creativity!



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