Thursday, January 30, 2020

Vogue V1275 - The Other View

After making and being happy with the outcome of view B, I was still on the fence about giving view A a try. My apprehension was centered around the ruching and if it would make me look fluffier than I am.  These days I'm focusing more and more on making good choices for flattering styles and colors.

As the years go by, gravity and metabolism try to take over the shape and density of my body.  More than ever exercise and better fashion choices are  of great importance.  I try to always look my best.

So when I decided to go ahead with making view A, my thought was the ruching is center front as oppose to on the sides.  This might work for me.   

This view didn't take as long as view B.  The difference was the careful placement of the trim and the experience of first time sewing a pattern.  The ruching was only a matter of gathering up the front to fit the side front sections.  The elastic wrist, quick and easy:  measure, cut, place, and sew.

My fabric is from Mood. A polyester jersey that is nearly sold out. 

 Mood has other similar fabrics that are equally beautiful. 

I'm happy I decided to give it a try.  Another successful make in the knit top category.  BTW- I've been sewing a lot of knit tops lately. (NOTE: a few more to post from last year.)  I think it's time to make some woven shirts and blouses.

Vogue 1275, View B 2019
Anyway, this is another win for me.  I do recommend both views of Vogue 1275 if this is your style.  So, if you have the pattern give it a try.

Happy Sewing!


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