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Two New Patterns, Two New Athleisure Outfits, and Two Different Knit Fabrics - S8529 & M7610

This post is about two's.  I'm reviewing two patterns, two athleisure outfits, and two different types of knit fabrics.

I didn't realize Simplicity had a version of the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater until a few months ago.  So I grabbed a copy to try it.  I was most interested in the funnel neck oversized tops.  The others views are available in other big 4 patterns.  I do support indy pattern makers.  But for this one, I figured it were be a savings on a very simple pattern.  I bought it at JoAnn's for $1.99.

Many sewists have posted their version of the Toaster Sweater on Instagram.  That is actually where I became interested in trying it.  I didn't use any sweater knit to make views A and B.  Instead for view A I used a very soft French terry that I purchased from Company Name on Amazon Prime.  This company  is new to me so I only purchased enough for the top and a matching pair of joggers. The jogger review follows this one.  The French terry is amazingly soft, it is slightly lighter than the average French terry used in most hoodies/sweatshirts garments.  Before cutting into it, I pre-shrunk the yardage and dried it.  Out of the dryer it was extra soft.  Perfect for lounge wear.  

My second fabric is from Mood Fabrics.  It is a medium weight cotton knit that I purchased a few years ago.  This textile is stiffer and has a dry hand.  While I love the color, the stiffness does reduce the comfort level of this set.  I made matching joggers for this top as well.  These fabric was pre-shrunk as well.

With the different fiber, weight, and weave of the two, there is a noticeable difference in how each top wears on the body.  The purple top is fluid falling close to the body.  But the orange top stands away from the body.  Note the funnel is stands up all on it's own.

I used size large for both tops.  There is a lot style ease in them.  For view B, I could have reduced the length of the waistband by a few inches.  It does not rest on my waist.

Both tops look like the drawing and the pictures on the envelope. I just glance at the instructions. Very typical; off hand nothing confusing in them. For view A I did change how I finished the slit.  Instead I made mitered corners.  This finish looks better to me. 

I think I was interested in how the funnel neck tops would look on my frame.  My favorite is view A. I discovered that this style of neckline isn't a favorite.  The funnel does not fit close to my neckline.  I prefer the funnel of the Christine Jonson Trio set.  Everything else is fine.  

I don't think I'll make these views again for myself.  I have lots of other tops to try.  But I do recommend the pattern to others.  

Overall, I am pleased with how these tops turned out.  My favorite is the purple one.  Because of a few things:  the funnel neck drapes a little, the softness of the fabric, and the hemline.  These tops are very easy to make and sew up fast.  

For the joggers, I used McCall's 7610.  This is other pattern grab that was "encouraged" by Instagram sewists.  These really turned out well. The joggers fall a few inches above the ankle.  So, I added several inches to lengthen them.  I may make the shorter version later in the spring.  

Like most sewists, I already have several jogger pants patterns in my collection.  The design of these were slightly different than any I own.  It's the pockets.  And I liked the curve of them.  I wanted to try them to see how the pockets would lay on the curve of my body.  They do lay flat. :-)  The waistband is nice too. 

I used size large with a little modification.  My joggers do look like the picture on the envelope except for the length of the pants.

The instructions were typical and easy to follow.  There was nothing confusing in them.  The pants were another easy project.  

I will make these again.  There are a few things I will change though.  First, I won't make them as long.  Often I add too much to the length occasionally having to cut off an inch or so.  I guess I can attribute this to always having a difficult time finding any pants that were long enough in the stores.  Second, the width of the leg is a little wider than excepted.  I will definitely taper the legs a bit and reduce the height of the cuffs.

It's a good jogger pattern, and I do recommend it.  If you are looking for comfortable outfit to wear around the house, to the gym, or to run errands, the combination of the Toaster Sweater and these joggers is perfect.

So, this completes the new athleisure outfits that I made in February.  I hope this review was helpful.

Closing Shots:  I actually like my new MiMi G. S9182 top with the peachy orange joggers.  

Happy Sewing!



  1. Lovely comfortable outfits, I've not made either style before.

  2. I really like the purple French terry. I looked on Amazon but couldn’t quite tell from your description which one it might be. Can you post a link?

    1. Thanks, Joanie. My daughter purchased the purple French terry from Earth indigo Fabrics on Etsy. Sorry I was unable to copy the link through my phone. Search for Tencel Organic Cotton French Terry. Agsun thank you.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! It's always so interesting to see how fabric choice can make so much difference in the way a garment turns out. I think these all turned out so cute. I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Happy sewing!

  4. Thank you for you review of these patterns and fabric. I have never made athleisure before but have added some knits to my stash during this past year and really should try some and this has encouraged me. Comfy clothes are great when they are also beautiful I also love your MiMi G top with the orange joggers.

  5. Now that is sharp looking lounge wear! I really like your peach with the Mimi G top. Thanks for sharing!



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