Monday, April 19, 2021

Just In Time For Spring - Kelly Anorak Jacket - Part II


Good morning everyone,

It's a beautiful day in the Chicago area.  The sun is shining, the grass is green and lush with the temperatures in the 50's.  It's a great day.  Yesterday was pretty much the same as today, just a little warmer.  

Today I want to give you the deets on my new Kelly Anorak jacket.  It took about five sessions averaging five and half hours.  This was a new pattern to me.  But I've seen several dozen makes on Instagram and other social media outlets.  I think it's a jacket worth making.  

Yesterday I did my little photo shoot in a little park not too far from my home.  Sorry I forgot the name of it.  Anyway, we were able to get a few good shots of me wearing my first Kelly Anorak jacket.

Here is the description straight from their website:  Style meets function with the Kelly Anorak; a classic shape with a modern cut, this simple coat is the perfect choice for transitional weather.

Lightweight and unlined, it features a two-piece cuffed sleeve, optional drawstring waist, gusseted flap pocket and a zipper placket with snap buttons.  View A will keep you warm and dry with a roomy three-piece hood, while View B features a classic stand-up collar.

Kelly is just right made up in light to medium-weight woven fabric such as twill, gabardine, and linen, and will make the ultimate rain coat when sewn with a waterproof fabric like ripstop or Goretex.

I purchased the online PDF version, which comes in sizing 0 to 20.  I used size 16 and made the unlined version.

My jacket does look like the photographs and the drawings.  In looking at my photos I did notice that my sleeves have more wearing/style ease in them.  It could be because of the sizing.  Note: the sleeve cap also has quite a bit of ease in it. 

Closet Core did an excellent job of providing information on the construction of the jacket.  A few years ago, they hosted a sew-a-long and posted multiple blogs on how to best construct the jacket.  The pattern instructions were very good too. 

There is so much to like about the jacket.  My likes are:
  • The style of it.  I've wanted an anorak fashioned jacket for a while,  But hesitated on making it, thinking it was too labor intensive for a basic jacket.  Since making my first one, I think it is a great sewing projects. 
  • The construction is loaded with different sewing techniques to practice.  Top-stitching, flat fell seams, installing a zipper, installing snaps and grommets.
  • The hood.  It is great for keeping my hands free if it rains while I'm out shopping.
  • The length of the jacket.  Perfect for getting in and out of the car multiple times while running errands.
  • The pockets.  Love them: the style and construction.

There is one dislike for my first jacket.  And that is, I didn't do a FBA.  I should have.  There is enough room across the front of my jacket.  But in the bust area, there isn't enough length to keep the drawstring completely parallel to the floor.  That's a minor flaw that I can easily correct.  Closet Core has a tutorial on how to make a FBA without a dart.  
The fabric that I used is a Stretch Cotton Twill that I purchased from Mood fabrics a few years ago.  This fabric is no longer available.  But they have a huge selection of twills in stock if you are interested.   

Along with the pattern I purchased the Kelly Anorak Hardware Kit. I loved having the kit.  It made tackling the snap and grommet installation easy.  No extra trips to the store to find the right size or style.  Also, there is a tutorial to help with installing them.  I didn't use the zipper or the drawstring due to the color of my jacket.  I'll just save it for another project down the road.

The only thing that I altered was the length of the sleeves. Now, they fall about an inch past my wrist bone.  So they are a little on the long side.  But that's okay.

I enjoyed making this jacket.  I'm so glad that Rhonda and I decided to go ahead with our mini sew-a-long.  It encouraged me to get it done in time for the spring/winter/summer weather in Chicago. Lol

I will make the jacket again.  At least once more for myself.  I want a jacket with a quilted lining, and I'll do the FBA next time.  My DD loved my jacket.  So I have to make one for her too. ;-)  This is a great sewing project for other sewists.  Especially if your are wanting to try some of the sewing techniques mentioned above.  You'll have a great looking jacket.  One to be proud of ;-)

Parting Shot:  My silly out take.  We always try to have a little fun during the photo shoot. 

Happiness in the Sewing Studio!


  1. Wow, beautifully sewn. Quite a commitment to make something like that. Looks fabulous.

    1. Thank you, Vicki. Yes, it was a commitment; but once you get started,it's easy to finish.

  2. Love it! It’s just a perfect little spring time coat! Great job!

  3. Quite an achievement, well done, it does give a sense of accomplishment when you learn new techniques.. I enjoy that also.

    1. Thanks. Finishing it makes it easier to make another.

  4. Love it! I have been looking at all of the versions around the web, and have bought a laminated linen. Thanks for the tip on sleeve cap ease. That was were i was stuck.

    1. Thank you, these days social media is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. There are dozens of beautifully made Anoraks posted for all to see.

  5. Beautiful job, every detail of the jacket looks so perfect and professional.

    1. Thank you, Connie. I tried to carefully make my best seams. I'm happy with how it turned.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, Beth. I'm very happy with this one. ;-)

  7. Does the drawcord tunnel location look a little high?

    1. No. If you look at the drawing, it is above the waist. As I said in my review, the center front is slightly higher. I needed a little FBA. Thanks

  8. I love how your Anorak turned out! It looks beautifully sewn, and the details are superb!

  9. I'm in love with your jacket! Great choices in the fabric match to the pattern.

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