Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Urban College Girl Collection - Coat M5247

Sunday I went to Joann's in hopes of getting the lining, buttons, and the buckle for DD's coat. They didn't have the color that I wanted. So I started searching for the buttons and the buckle. No luck with those either as I need fourteen buttons and a buckle of a similar design. This week I'll probably end up going to Vogue Fabrics to find what I need to complete the coat. So I bought three patterns (M5530, M5538, and M5198) and some thread. Later that night I read the pattern instructions and analyzed the photos of the inspiration coat. On Friday (vacation day), I'll re-draft the pattern pieces accordingly, then cut and sew the muslin.

Still not done:

- 1 knit top (half done)
- 1 vest
- 1 pant
- 1 pleated skirt(cut)
- 1 jean jacket (cut)

This will complete the collection.


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