Saturday, December 22, 2007

Inspiration Coat and McCall's 5247 - Part IV

Yesterday I spent the majority of my sewing time redoing things that didn't look good:

1. All of the tabs were ripped out and replaced with tabs that were a combination of the lining and fashion fabric.
2. Ripped out the sleeves and removed the excess in the arm hole area.
3. Replaced the 1/2 inch shoulder pads with 1/4 inch pads.
4. Remade the belt; it was too short by a few inches.
5. Removed the pockets and resewed the side seams.
6. Removed excess from hemline of the lining.

Additional work done:

1. Attached lining to sleeves.
2. Applied interfacing to the hemline of the coat.
3. Top stitched the front and collar.
4. Made button holes.


1. Go to thrift store to look for a buckle. I have searched the internet and stores. Can't find one that I like for this coat.
2. Hem the lining and coat.
3. Sew on buttons.
4. Tack lining to the shoulder and underarm seam allowance.
5. Attach buckle if I find one.
6. Press and I'm done.


  1. You are one sewing MAMA! I love both coats. Your daughter is so cute!

  2. I found your website through Pattern Review. Always love your reviews, but this coat takes the cake. Lovely!! Your site links completely absorbed my attention as I found more and more sources for my own design projects. I am completely envious of your access to Vogue Fabrics. My own dd has graduated from her Chicago university so I no longer have another reason to ship Evanston or the Roosevelt store. Happy New Sewing Year!!!

  3. correction: shop Evanston



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