Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vintage Pattern Give-Away Part II

Here is the second set of give-away patterns. There are still plenty from the first. Please ask for as many as you like. Same deal as before. Claim it in the comments; then send me an e-mail with a forwarding address. Thanks!

B2457, Size 14, uncut

V5972, Waist 28, Hip 38, partially cut

B2591, Size 16, uncut

V7940, Size 16, cut

V7900, Size 14, cut

V5156, Size 12, cut

V9792, Size 12, cut

V5624, size 12, partially cut

A7716, Size 20, uncut

V7331, Size 16, cut

M6490, Sizes 20 1/2 - 24 1/2, uncut

M5729, Large, uncut

M5609, Size 16, uncut

M5704, Sizes 22 - 24, uncut

M5708, Size 22-24, uncut

S6917, Sizes 16-20, uncut

S9029, L and XL, uncut


  1. Good Morning,
    I love your blog! I cannot wait to see the rest of the college girl's wardrobe. How wonderful that you are giving away vintage patterns. With that said here's my request: 2457, 7940, 7900, 5624. And if you have any of these from your previous post, I'd like them as well: 8628, 9979, 9940, 4636, 4897, 9825. Have a beautiful and blessed day!


  2. Well the one that I wanted was claimed by Angela...however, I am telling you that one day you are going to kick yourself for giving away all of this pattern inspiration! :)

  3. Good Morning,
    Again, thank you so much for your generosity, though I must agree with Carolyn. But never fear at least you know the patterns are going to a good home, where they will be loved. So if you ever want to revisit them just let me know. Carolyn, I'll gladly share the pattern you want. I wouldn't be any different than working with BWOF. Just let me know which one you're interested in.


  4. Carolyn, I hope I don't regret this give away later.

    Angela, You may want to contact Carolyn via her blogspot to tell her know your are willing to share.

    Thank you,

  5. Angela - there isn't a link or an email address when I hit your name in my blog - BTW, thanks for coming by! The pattern I liked was 7940 if you don't mind parting with it! Thanks!

  6. Enjoying your blog.
    I'd love McCall's 5729, the skirt pattern.



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